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MG-36018: Alto Altitude / Various Artists

[Front Cover] Label Type : blue EmArcy type B silver rim
Matrix Number : SIDE-A YMG 36018A MF1    A1    I
SIDE-B YMG 36018B MF1    A1    I


Jan. 4, 2005: replaced with a very cleaner copy (both the LP and the jacket are in mintish condition).

Inside The Groove

A nice compilation of pre-Bop alto saxophone sessions from original Keynote recordings (except three tunes).

Personal Impression (and brief notes)

Most of them were previously unreleased in the Keynote era - they became firstly public on this EmArcy compilation.

There is a quite common mistake on this LP - A-2 is indicated as “Sam Pan”, but the actual content is “Carney-val In Rhythm”. The real “Sam Pan” finally became public on The Complte Keynote Collection 21LP box (Nippon Phonogram 18PJ-1051/71).

A-4, A-5, A-6 are from Marshall Royal Quintet's April 7 1953 Mercury session with Ben Webster. Four tunes were recorded in the session (the rest which is not included on the LP is “Where is Your Heart”).

Strictly Personal Rating (to what extent I could enjoy this album)

8 out of 10

Track Listing

A-1 CC4-2 Night Wind (Wayne) -
A-2 CC2-3 Sam Pan (Fleagle) Carney-val In Rhythm (Harry Carney) -
A-3 CC1-3 Passing Me By (B. Taylor) -
A-4 9611-2 'S Wonderful (George & Ira Gershwin) -
A-5 9612 Funky Feelin' Blues (Marshall Royal) -
A-6 9610 I Wanna Get Nasty (Marshall Royal) -
B-1 HL95-3 Minor Blues (arranged by Johnny Thompson) -
B-2 HL143-1 Out Of Nowhere (Heyman - Green) -
B-3 HL165-2 She Didn't Say Yes (Harbach - Kern) -
B-4 HL45-2 It All Depends On You (DeSilva - Brown - Henderson) -
B-5 HL46-3 That's My Weakness Now (Stept - Green) -
B-6 HL47-2 It's The Talk Of The Town (Levenson - Symes - Neiburg) -


Personnel/recorded date/master numbers confirmed with the Ruppli's discography.
(“The Mercury Labels - A Discography” by Ruppli and Novitsky, Greenwood Press, 1993)

Ruppli's book mentions A-4, A-5, A-6's personnel as “Marshall Royal (as), Ben Webster (ts) + ?” - below personnel (and precise recorded date) was taken from “The Complete Ben Webster on EmArcy” (Nippon Phonogram 175J-3/4).

A-1, A-2, A-3: Billy Taylor's Big Eight with Johnny Hodges.
Emmett Berry (tp), Vernon Brown (tb), Johnny Hodges (as), Harry Carney (bs, b-cl),
Johnny Guarnieri (p), Brick Fleagle (g, arr), Billy Taylor (b), Cozy Cole (ds).
Recorded in New York City on August 1, 1944.

A-4, A-5, A-6: Marshall Royal quintet.
Marshall Royal (as), Ben Webster (ts), Bobby Tucker (p), Milt Hinton (b), Jo Jones (ds).
Recorded in New York City on April 7, 1953.

B-1: Corky Corcoran and his Orchestra with Willie Smith.
Emmett Berry (tp), Willie Smith (as), Corky Corcoran (ts),
Dodo Marmarosa (p), Allan Reuss (g), Ed Mihelich (b), Nick Fatool (ds),
Johnny Thompson (arr).
Recorded in Los Angeles, CA on May 15, 1945.

B-2: Clyde Hurley and his Orchestra with Murray McEachern.
Clyde Hurley (tp), Murray McEachern (as), Babe Russin (ts),
Tommy Todd (p), Dave Barbour (g), Artie Bernstein (b), Nick Fatool (ds).
Recorded in Los Angeles, CA on April 3, 1946.

B-3: Joe Thomas and his Orchestra with Hilton Jefferson.
Joe Thomas (tp), Tyree Glenn (tb), Hilton Jefferson (as), Jerry Jerome (ts),
Bernie Leighton (p), Hy White (g), Billy Taylor (b), Lee Abrams (ds).
Recorded in New York City on August 16, 1946.

B-4, B-5, B-6: Pete Brown Quintet.
Joe Thomas (tp), Pete Brown (as),
Kenny Kersey (p), Milt Hinton (b), J.C. Heard (ds).
Recorded in New York City on July 19, 1944.


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