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Limelight 1000/2000/3000/3050 Series (7-inch 45rpm)

[Y-3000x45 Label]

Mercury's subsidiary label Limelight, being famous for a series of LPs of Jazz, electronic and experimental music, also had 45rpm single releases.

Surprisingly, a series of Limelight 45rpm releases contain totally different kinds of music compared with LP releases - 1000 Series, 2000 Series and 3000-3005 are Rockabilly and Doo-Wop; 3006-3041 are Garage/Surf Rock music - which totally breaks our stereotypes of the Limelight label. BTW later 45rpms from 3050 and beyond are single cuts from ordinary LP releases (with a few exceptions).

Please note that all materials of 1000/2000 series and 3001-3005 were recorded in around 1957. Also, we can see their matrix imprints are famous type pressed at the RCA Victor Indianapolis plant. This may prove that these platters were pressed at that time (at least in the late 1950s), and that the Limelight label itself had existed since the late 1950s - which is really surprising.

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The List (Limelight 1000 Series)

Titles with bold numbers (NON-grayed lines) indicates that I own the copy. If you happen to know the titles/artists of the albums unlisted here, or if you found any incorrect information, please let me know. Thank you.

Title Artist(s) (Note)
Y-1000 These Young Girls c/w Vacations's Over Richard Macadou -
Y-1001 Our Perfect Romance c/w Yes I Do Royce Porter -
Y-1002 You Ain't Treatin' Me Right c/w Go Downtown Fred Neil -
Y-1003 Jibber-Jabber c/w Suzy The Buffalos -

The List (Limelight 2000 Series)

Titles with bold numbers (NON-grayed lines) indicates that I own the copy. If you happen to know the titles/artists of the albums unlisted here, or if you found any incorrect information, please let me know. Thank you.

Title Artist(s) (Note)
Y-2000 Old Enough To Know c/w Stuck On You Tony Thomas -
Y-2001 My Hero c/w Don't Send Me Away Gary Shelton (Jerry Shelton) -
Y-2002 Don't Let Me Fall In Love c/w Happiness The Harris Sisters -
Y-2003 How Many Moons c/w Be Anything But Don't Be Sorry Paul Wyatt -
Y-2004 The Storm c/w Foolin' Me Doug Harden -
Y-2005 Desert Sands c/w Jitterbug The Blanders -

The List (Limelight 3000 Series)

Titles with bold numbers (NON-grayed lines) indicates that I own the copy. If you happen to know the titles/artists of the albums unlisted here, or if you found any incorrect information, please let me know. Thank you.

Title Artist(s) (Note)
Y-3000x45 Cry, Cry Baby c/w Angel Child The Chimes yellow label
Y-3001x45 Maybelle c/w I Want You Baby Jackie Cray -
Y-3002x45 Du Wap c/w Stop, Look And Listen The Chimes yellow label
Y-3003x45 My Baby Left Me c/w Do The Rock 'N Roll Fox Hall -
Y-3004x45 Melancholy Moods c/w My Memories Of You Teddy Phillips -
Y-3005x45 Not Like Now c/w Five Feet Of Lovin' Freddie Robinson yellow label
Y-3006 How Is It Possible? c/w Bucket Seat Jerri Suiter -
Y-3007 King Of Fools c/w Mary The Pastels (The Flagmen) -
Y-3008 Kathy My Darling c/w Half The Time Jimmy Peterson -
Y-3009 Strange Love c/w A Thing Called Love Steve King -
Y-3010 12th Of June c/w Lie And Get By Mac Curtis -
Y-3011 Let Me Down Easy c/w Meet Me Half Way Jeanie & The Gentlemen -
Y-3012 My Special Angel c/w Love Is Gone The Classmen pink label
Y-3013 The Young Years c/w Promises The Elements white label
promo copy
Y-3014 Mary c/w Drag Trip U.S.A. The Flagmen -
Y-3015 Hey Boy c/w Keep Your Heartaches To Yourself Paul London pink label
w/ sleeve
Y-3016 Do You Want To Dance c/w All Time Fool The Classmen white label
promo copy
Y-3017 Do You Want Me To c/w Miss Bad Daddy The Four Shillings -
Y-3018 Bad Baboon c/w Because I Got You The Madisons -
Y-3019 Sixteen Tons c/w The Lucky One Dean Carter white label
promo copy
Y-3020 I'm Amazed c/w Just A Memory Otis Leavill -
Y-3021 Way Down c/w Don't Misjudge Me Marv Martin -
Y-3022 Modern Youth c/w R is for Ringo Tina Ferra -
Y-3023 Bride And Groom c/w The Wedding Waltz The Parklane Singers -
Y-3024 There's A Warm Welcome Waiting For You c/w I'm So Happy I Could Cry Glenn Douglas Tubb -
Y-3025 September In The Rain c/w Gone, Gone Away The Wedgewoods white label
promo copy
w/ sleeve
Y-3026 Soul Food c/w Shamus O' Toole The Soul Reps white label
promo copy
Y-3027 Ain't You Glad It's Summertime c/w Counterfeit Love Al Hartley & The Heartbeats white label
promo copy
Y-3028 Don't Need Nobody c/w Drummer Boy (Pick Up Your Sticks) Paul London -
Y-3029 I Want You To Be My Girl c/w She's Not Yours Ronnie Rice & The Silvertones -
Y-3030 Alone c/w You've Got Everything Charles Farren -
Y-3031 Gonna Get Right Tonight (Hootenanny) c/w It's Still Love The Crowns -
Y-3032 I Gotta Know c/w I Will Never Understand Ronnie & Peggy -
Y-3033 No Good Guy c/w Wondering Doris Smith -
Y-3034 Anne-Marie Loves Jean-Pierre c/w My Lonely Life The Sugarhill Four white label
promo copy
Y-3035 Gitchy-Gitchy-Goc c/w Atlanta Th Galaxies -
Y-3036 Shame, Shame c/w The Way I Feel Grant Higgins -
Y-3037 Don't Let Me Down c/w Jane Girl Otis Leavill -
Y-3038 Mrs. Cherry c/w Keoto 'To Jimmy Williams -
Y-3039 Mr. Happy Love-Joy c/w Fairy Tale The Cinderellas -
Y-3040 Hot Dang Mustang c/w Do The Mastang Alexander & The Greats -
Y-3041 Get A Hold Of Yourself c/w Lie To Me Little Rose Little -
Y-3042 Baby What's Wrong c/w Here Comes My Baby Johnny Mae Matthews -

The List (Limelight 3050 Series)

Titles with bold numbers (NON-grayed lines) indicates that I own the copy. If you happen to know the titles/artists of the albums unlisted here, or if you found any incorrect information, please let me know. Thank you.

Title Artist(s) Sleeve (Note)
L-3051 Poor Joe c/w Fiesta Mojo Dizzy Gillespie - green label
L-3052 Faith c/w One for Gamal Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - -
L-3053 Baby Breeze c/w The Touch Of Your Lips Chet Baker - white label
promo copy
w/ sleeve
L-3054 Daahoud c/w Embraceable You Clifford Brown - white label
promo copy
w/ sleeve
L-3055 Limehouse Blues c/w Stars Fell On Alabama Julian “Cannonball” Adderley - white label
promo copy
w/ sleeve
w/ promo insert
L-3056 March Past c/w Place St. Henri Oscar Peterson - -
L-3057 Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye c/w Project S Milt Jackson - -
L-3058 A Quote from Clifford Brown c/w Serenade to a Cuckoo Roland Kirk - -
L-3059 Justerini c/w Hittin' The Jug The Three Sounds - -
L-3060 Jack V. Schwartz c/w But Not Really Les McCann - -
L-3061 King Of The Road c/w Downtown Gerry Mulligan - -
L-3062 The Smudge c/w Lovers' Promenade Oscar Peterson - -
L-3063 There Is No Greater Love c/w You're My Thrill Chet Baker - -
L-3064 Tea For Two c/w Honeysuckle Rose Earl Hines - green label
L-3065 Soul Finger c/w Buh's Bossa Art Blakey - -
L-3066 Green, Green Rocky Road c/w The Great City Les McCann - -
L-3067 (NOT USED)
L-3068 Theme From “Skyscraper” c/w Hot Cha The Three Sounds - -
L-3069 Turqoise c/w Name Sake Milt Jackson - -
L-3070 Mystical Dream c/w ??? Roland Kirk - -
L-3071 The Chains c/w The Sword Dizzy Gillespie - -
L-3072 Straighten Up And Fly Right c/w When My Sugar Walks Down The Street Oscar Peterson - -
L-3073 Nothing But The Truth c/w Walk On By Roland Kirk - -
L-3074 Buttercorn Lady c/w The Theme Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - -
L-3075 Downtown c/w Mohair Sam The Three Sounds - -
L-3076 Winchester Cathedral c/w The Song Is Ended Dizzy Gillespie - white label
promo copy
w/ sleeve
L-3077 Bucket Of Grease c/w All Les McCann [L-3077] green label
w/ picture sleeve
L-3077 - green label
L-3078 Caper Of The Golden Bulls c/w Loves Of July Les McCann - green label
L-3079 Don't Throw Your Back Outa Whack c/w N.A.T.R.A. Dizzy Gillespie - -
L-3080 (NOT USED)
L-3081 The Shout, Pts, 1 & 2 Les McCann - white label
promo copy
L-3082 Too Much c/w Far Out The Hip Sound - pink label
w/ sleeve
L-3083 Sweet Movin' c/w Love Feeling The Mecki Mark Men - -
L-3084 Brink Of Death c/w Anne, With Love Childe Harold [L-3084] pink label
w/ picture sleeve
DJL-3084 Brink Of Death (mono) c/w Brink Of Death (stereo) Childe Harold - white label
promo only
L-3085 The Electrosoniks - -
L-3086 Mr. Joy c/w El Cordobes Paul Bley - -
L-3087 Life Is Other People c/w Ruby You Sky Me Baby You Slay Me The Chowder Rebellion - CANCELLED
L-3087 ??? c/w ??? Electronic Concept Orchestra - UNRELEASED?
L-3088 Hurdy Gurdy Man c/w Along Came Sam Sound Of Feeling - pink label
L-3089 Funky Skull, Pts 1 & 2 Melvin Jackson - -
L-3090 Aquarius c/w Grazing In The Grass Electronic Concept Orchestra - -
L-3091 Je T'Aime... Moi Non Plus c/w Rock Me Electronic Concept Orchestra - white label
NOT on Ruppli's
promo only?

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