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Wing 2100/17000/90000 Series (10-inch 78rpm / 7-inch 45rpm)

[Wing 45rpm Label]

Most single releases of Wing (Mercury's subsidiary label) were centered on 1955-1956. This exactly matches to the era when original Wing label (not later Mercury/Wing label of budget reissue) existed.

LP releases of original Wing label were few (Popular and Jazz), but as for single releases, there were as much as 90 titles in all. They includes Rockabilly, jazzy Big Band, Black choir, Jazz and many more: this proves vague characteristics of original Wing label, which was ended in a very short period, maybe due that Wing couldn't have special distincts against Mercury and EmArcy labels. And it must be noted that there are so many tracks which can only be heard on this Wing single releases.

Which titles were released only on 45rpm (or both on 78rpm/45rpm) is still one of our future questions.

[English] [Japanese]

The List (Mercury Wing 2100 Series)

Title Artist(s) (Note)
W-2100 W-2100x45 No Kissing At The Top c/w Walkin' At Night Phil Flowers -
W-2101 W-2101x45 Four Walls, Four Walls c/w Gamblin' Heart Todd Richards -
W-2102 W-2102x45 The Spider And The Fly c/w Cha Cha Hop Bobby Christian -
- W-2103x45 Let The Rest Of The World Go By c/w Sorta Sentimental Teddy Phillips -

The List (Mercury Wing 17000 Series)

Title Artist(s) (Note)
WB-17000 WB-17000x45 Someone Watching Over You c/w Chantilly Lace The Big Bopper -

The List (Wing 90000 Series)

Title Artist(s) (Note)
W-90000 W-90000x45 Que Sera Sera c/w Ain't It A Shame Ronnie Gaylord -
W-90001 W-90001x45 Banjo Blues c/w Bye Bye Blues Eddie Ballantine -
W-90002 W-90002x45 Careless Lips c/w Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar Malcolm Lockyer -
W-90003 W-90003x45 The Bible Tells Me So c/w Army Of The Lord Nick Noble -
W-90004 W-90004x45 I Love You Stop c/w Cha Cha Cha Lola Dee -
W-90005 W-90005x45 You're All Of My Life To Me c/w Well I Tried Screamin' Jay Hawkins -
W-90006 W-90006x45 All Around The World c/w Do You Know Titus Turner -
W-90007 W-90007x45 How Can You Say c/w Sweet And Gentle Lew Douglas -
W-90008 W-90008x45 Two Things I Love c/w Glass Heart The Gadabouts -
W-90009 W-90009x45 Please Be Kind c/w Sliphorn Special Buddy Morrow -
W-90010 W-90010x45 Whispering c/w Hop, Skip And Jump Eddie Ballantine -
W-90011 W-90011x45 I'm Innocent c/w Pamper Me Frankie Castro -
W-90012 W-90012x45 Bartender's Rag c/w Charley My Boy Pete Handy -
W-90013 W-90013x45 Honeybun Cha Cha c/w False Alarm The Honeytones -
W-90014 W-90014x45 Scrub-A-Dub-Dub c/w Stompin' Room Only Buddy Morrow w/ sleeve
W-90015 W-90015x45 Paper Roses c/w Only You And You Alone Lola Dee -
W-90016 W-90016x45 Come Home c/w Woke Up This Morning Arthur Prysock w/ sleeve
W-90017 W-90017x45 Thrill-A-Dill c/w Sweetness Dolores Ware -
W-90018 W-90018x45 Gina c/w More And More Ronnie Gaylord -
W-90019 W-90019x45 I Wanna Be There c/w Che Sera Sera Gloria Vann -
W-90020 W-90020x45 My Baby Likes To Shuffle c/w She's Gone Alonzo Scales -
W-90021 W-90021x45 Ukelele Lady c/w Dreamy Melody Eddie Ballantine -
W-90022 W-90022x45 Yes, We Have No Bananas c/w That Old Gang Of Mine Lou Brownie -
W-90023 W-90023x45 Sweet And Low c/w Big John Titus Turner -
W-90024 W-90024x45 My Sweetie's Gone c/w Can I Forget Gloria Hart -
W-90025 W-90025x45 Understand c/w What's The Difference What They Say Gloria Hart -
W-90026 W-90026x45 Back Track c/w Honeymoon Malcolm Lockyer -
W-90027 W-90027x45 Kwela Kwela c/w Who But You Buddy Morrow -
W-90028 W-90028x45 The Best Is Yet To Come c/w If It Happend To You Nick Noble -
W-90029 W-90029x45 Lady Love c/w Ten Times Jerry Teifer -
W-90030 W-90030x45 A Dangerous Age c/w So Many Beautiful Men Patricia Scot -
W-90031 W-90031x45 2 Strings, 2 Beaux, 1 Arrow c/w You Gloria Palmer -
W-90032 W-90032x45 Is It True c/w I'm Through Dolores Ware -
W-90033 W-90033x45 Sweet And Low c/w Big John Titus Turner -
W-90034 W-90034x45 Through The Years c/w Don't Ever Change Ronnie Gaylord -
W-90035 W-90035x45 In The Year Of Our Love c/w Hey Ba Ba Re Bop Lola Dee -
W-90036 W-90036x45 May This Be Your Life c/w Bye Bye The Four Guys -
W-90037 W-90037x45 Kingdom Of My Heart c/w Hands Off Frankie Castro -
W-90038 W-90038x45 One c/w All Is Well Patti Jerome -
W-90039 W-90039x45 The Old Chemney c/w I Want A Goat For Christmas The Wilder Brothers -
W-90040 W-90040x45 Wanna Go Home c/w Angels In The Sky The Monarchs -
W-90041 W-90041x45 Down Home Rag c/w Please Don't Talk About Me Jimmy Palmer -
W-90042 W-90042x45 Loveley Lies c/w Belle Bella Nick Noble -
W-90043 W-90043x45 Teen Age Rock c/w If You Only Had A Heart The Gadabouts -
W-90044 W-90044x45 God's Image c/w When Your Lover Has Gone Bob Anderson -
W-90045 W-90045x45 To You, My Love c/w You Are My Only Love Nick Noble -
W-90046 W-90046x45 Wimoweh c/w Love That Melody The Wilder Brothers -
W-90047 W-90047x45 Tippity Top c/w A Band Of Angels Buddy Morrow -
W-90048 W-90048x45 My Home Is Ohio c/w Ragging The Banjo Eddie Ballantine -
W-90049 W-90049x45 Hard Luck Child c/w She's Gone Alonzo Scales -
W-90050 W-90050x45 By The Riverside c/w Tell Me Prety Baby The Empires -
W-90051 W-90051x45 Steam Boat c/w Why Baby Why Frankie Castro -
W-90052 W-90052x45 I'll Be Forever Loving You c/w Ma Petite Lola Dee -
W-90053 W-90053x45 Indiana c/w Heart Of Gold Jackie Paris -
W-90054 W-90054x45 Air Mail Special c/w It's Alright With Me Jimmy Palmer -
W-90055 W-90055x45 Even Though c/w Talk About Me Screamin' Jay Hawkins -
W-90056 W-90056x45 Flowers Mr. Florist Please c/w Baby Girl Of Mine Bobby Sharp -
W-90057 W-90057x45 To Be Beside You c/w Do You Know Where God Lives Ronnie Gaylord -
W-90058 W-90058x45 Get On The Right Track c/w I'll Wait Forever Titus Turner -
W-90059 W-90059x45 Half Your Heart c/w Goody Bye Bye Baby Kitty Nation -
W-90060 W-90060x45 Everything But You c/w I Oughta Dottie Malone -
W-90061 W-90061x45 I'm So Sorry c/w Hook Line And Sinker Jerry Tyfer -
W-90062 W-90062x45 Busybody Rock c/w All My Love Belongs To you The Gadabouts -
W-90063 W-90063x45 The Man WIth The Golden Arm c/w I Should Care Buddy Morrow -
W-90064 W-90064x45 Doot Doot Dow c/w I Don't Want Nobody (To Have My Love But You) Buddy Johnson -
W-90065 W-90065x45 Eyes Of Fire c/w Monkey See, Monkey Do Jerry Wallace -
W-90066 W-90066x45 I Said It And I'm Glad c/w Giddy Up A Ding Dong Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys w/ sleeve
W-90067 W-90067x45 Forever More c/w Darling Leave It To Me The Griffins -
W-90068 W-90068x45 My Silent Heart c/w My Dearest Treasure Charles Jones -
W-90069 W-90069x45 As Long As I Love You c/w Tell Me Why Marie Knight -
W-90070 W-90070x45 Fruit Boots / Plaid Laces Red Prysock -
W-90071 W-90071x45 Lovers In Love c/w This Is Where I Came In Tommy Prisco -
W-90072 W-90072x45 Candy & Flowers c/w Campus Rock Tyrone & His Royal Rocks -
W-90073 W-90073x45 Delovely c/w In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning Morgana King w/ sleeve
W-90074 W-90074x45 Buddy's Boogie c/w I'll Darely Love You Buddy Johnson -
W-90075 W-90075x45 Titanic c/w Sil's Groove Sil Austin -
W-90076 W-90076x45 Dealer Of Dreams c/w Peace Of Mind The Penguins -
W-90077 W-90077x45 (NOT USED?)
W-90078 W-90078x45 I Know The Meaning Of Love c/w I Promise Jimmy Castor & The Juniors -
W-90079 W-90079x45 Theme From “The Proud Ones c/w Paradise Lost Buddy Morrow -
W-90080 W-90080x45 Don't Touch My Gal c/w My First Discovery The Empires -
W-90081 W-90081x45 Bunny c/w There Were No Angels Sugar 'n Spice -
W-90082 W-90082x45 The Hucklebuck c/w Rompin' And Stompin' Freddie Bell & The Bellboys -
W-90083 W-90083x45 God's Green Earth c/w Got Your Love In My Heart Oscar McLollie -
W-90084 W-90084x45 Goodbye Baby c/w I Still Love You Ella Johnson -

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