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Mercury Jazz 8900 Series (10-inch 78rpm / 7-inch 45rpm)

[8912x45 Label (Orange Vinyl)]

Among all 78rpm/45rpm single release on the Mercury label, 8900 / 11000 / 89000 series were entitled “Mercury Jazz Series” (or “Be Bop Series”). The main contents are from the materials produced by Norman Granz. Most materials listed here later reissued on Mercury LP (MGC Series) or Clef / Verve LPs, but there are a few materials which can be heard only on this 8900 series (recent CD reissues may contain them as bonus tracks).

Furthermore, this 8900 series also contains non-Norman Granz produced materials (several early Mercury Jazz sessions) as well as older materials originally from Keynote label, although there are few.

It is remarkable that released order seems to be so complicated - most titles were issued firstly on 78rpm, then 45rpm edition followed. Some titles might be made available both on 78rpm and 45rpm at the same time. The most complicated matter is, since these 7800 series were released just around Norman Granz left Mercury and started his own Clef label, identifying which titles were released on Mercury (and which titles were relased only on Clef) will be one of our future questions.

By the way, some 45rpm releases are also available with orange vinyl as well as ordinary black vinyl.

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The List (Mercury Jazz 8900 Series)

Titles with bold numbers (NON-grayed lines) indicates that I own the copy. If you happen to know the titles/artists of the albums unlisted here, or if you found any incorrect information, please let me know. Thank you.

Title Artist(s) (Note)
8900 8900x45 I Found A New Baby c/w Rosetta Dexter Gordon -
8901 8901x45 Not So Bop Blues c/w Tea For Two Willie Smith 1898
8902 8902x45 Cake c/w Cool Flip Phillips & Howard McGhee C 229
C 232
orange vinyl
8903 8903x45 Znarg Blues c/w My Old Flame Flip Phillips & Howard McGhee -
8904 8904x45 Perdido Pt.1 c/w Perdido Pt.2 Jazz at the Philharmonic -
8905 8905x45 Blowing The Family Jewels c/w Sugar-Coated Gene Ammons -
8906 8906x45 Perdido c/w Gussie G. Red Rodney's Be-Boppers 2119
8907 8907x45 Put That Back c/w Drowsy Flip Phillips C 288-4
C 325-3
8908 8908x45 This Can't Be Love c/w Cookie Flip Phillips C 280-6
C 281-2
orange vinyl
8909 The Big Head c/w Platinum Love Coleman Hawkins C 276-5
C 278-6
w/ sleeve
8909x45 C 276-5
C 278-6
w/ sleeve
8910 8910x45 Colidad c/w The First One Sonny Criss -
8911 8911x45 Drowsy c/w Vortex Flip Phillips C 325-3
C 326-12
8912 8912x45 Skippy c/w There's A Small Hotel Coleman Hawkins C 277-7
C 279-6
orange vinyl
8913 8913x45 Bye Bye Blues c/w The Beat Tommy Turk C 316-3
C 317-2
orange vinyl
8914 8914x45 Canal Street Romp c/w Rose Of The Rio Grande Santo Peroca -
8915 8915x45 Tornado c/w Blues For The Boppers Sonny Criss C 273-4
C 275-3
8916 8916x45 Two by Four c/w Encore Tommy Turk -
8917 8917x45 Debut c/w Tenderly Oscar Peterson C 374-3
C 381-3
8918 8918x45 Lover c/w Blue Room Flip Phillips -
8919 8919x45 Don't Take Your Love From Me c/w Lover Come Back To Me Flip Phillips -
8920 8920x45 Flip's Boogie c/w Feelin' The Blues Flip Phillips -
8921 8921x45 They Didn't Believe Me c/w Lover Come Back To Me Oscar Peterson -
8922 8922x45 Where Or When c/w Oscar's Blues Oscar Peterson -
8923 8923x45 Three O'Clock In The Morning c/w All The Things You Are Oscar Peterson -
8924 8924x45 Too Marvelous For Words c/w Encore Lester Young C 366-3
C 368-4
w/ sleeve
8925 8925x45 Basin Street Blues c/w Twelfth Street Rag Santo Pecora -
8926 8926x45 Little White Lies c/w Lover Oscar Peterson C 394-1
C 406-2
orange vinyl
8927 8927x45 Polka Dots And Moonbeams c/w Up 'N Adam Lester Young C 369-2
C 370-2
8928 8928x45 March Of The Mardi Gras c/w My Lou'Siana Santo Pecora -
8929 8929x45 Swingin' For Julie And Brownie c/w By The Lazy River Flip Phillips C 288-4
C 290-4
orange vinyl
8930 8930x45 Robbin's Nest c/w Exactly Like You Oscar Peterson C 404-1
C 407-3
orange vinyl
8931 8931x45 Listen c/w Mahogany Hall Stomp Santo Pecora C 416-2
C 419-2
8932 8932x45 (NOT USED)
8933 8933x45 Get Happy c/w Jumpin' With Symphony Sid Oscar Peterson -
8934 8934x45 Three Little Words c/w Neenah Lester Young C 430-1
C 433-4
orange vinyl
w/ sleeve
8935 8935x45 Be Be c/w Dream A Little Dream Of Me Flip Phillips C 439-4
C 440-4
orange vinyl
8936 8936x45 Blue Lou c/w Song Of The Volga Boatman Ray Brown -
8937 8937x45 Rabbit's Blues c/w Something To Pat Your Foot To Johnny Hodges C 477-3
C 478-3
orange vinyl
w/ sleeve
8938 8938x45 But Beautiful c/w Bright Eyes Flip Phillips C 328-1
C 441-2
orange vinyl
8939 8939x45 Undercover Girl Blues c/w Frenesi Lester Young -
8940 8940x45 Squatty Roo c/w Salute To Garner Oscar Peterson -
8941 8941x45 Pastel c/w All Of Me Illinois Jacquet C 499-5
C 500-2
8942 8942x45 Avalon c/w I'm Confessin' Charlie Ventura -
8943 8943x45 Nameless c/w How High The Moon Oscar Peterson -
8944 8944x45 Jeep's Blues c/w Castle Rock Johnny Hodges C 512-2
C 515-3
8945 8945x45 Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams c/w Cottontail Illinois Jacquet -
8946 8946x45 A Foggy Day c/w Down 'N Adam Lester Young -
8947 8947x45 Bucabu c/w Sonoro Machito -
8948 8948x45 JATP Boogie c/w Sweet Lorraine Kenny Kersey -
8949 8949x45 Bugle Call Rag c/w That Old Feeling Charlie Ventura -
8950 8950x45 Babalu c/w Sabroso Slim Gaillard -
8951 8951x45 Later For The Happenin' c/w Speedliner Illinois Jacquet C 494-4
C 497-3
8952 8952x45 I Get A Kick Out Of You c/w What's New Oscar Peterson -
8953 8953x45 Cheek To Cheek c/w I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm Flip Phillips -
8954 8954x45 Globetrotter c/w Gentle Breeze Johnny Hodges C 517-3
C 518-2
8955 8955x45 Yard Dog c/w Sweet Lorraine Roy Eldridge C 580-6
C 581-3
w/ sleeve
8956 8956x45 Yip Roc Heresy c/w The Hip Cowboy Slim Gaillard -
8957 8957x45 After You've Gone c/w Old Man River Charlie Ventura C 597-11
C 599-3
w/ sleeve
8958 8958x45 You Blew Out The Flame In My Heart c/w Globetrotter Johnny Hodges -
8959 8959x45 Love For Sale c/w Until The Real Thing Comes Along Oscar Peterson -
8960 8960x45 Broadway c/w Apple Honey Flip Phillips -
8961 8961x45 Sideways c/w A Pound Of Blues Johnny Hodges -
8962 8962x45 Basin Street Blues c/w I Remember Harlem Roy Eldridge -
8963 8963x45 Thou Swell c/w Let's Fall In Love Lester Young -
8964 8964x45 New Basie Blues c/w Sure Thing Count Basie -
8965 8965x45 Love Is Just Around The Corner c/w O.H. Blues Charlie Ventura C 598-1
C 600-6
w/ sleeve
8966 8966x45 Flamingo c/w Carioca Chico O'Farrill -
8967 8967x45 Lover Come Back To Me c/w Rock 'N Roll Blues Anita O'Day C 671-2
C 673-1
8968 8968x45 Weary Blues c/w Groovin' Illinois Jacquet C 550-3
C 551-4
w/ sleeve
8969 8969x45 You'reBlasé c/w Bill Not Phil Bill Harris -
8970 8970x45 Taxpayer's Blues c/w Eatin' With The Boogie Bulee Gaillard (Slim Gaillard) -
8971 8971x45 Places Please c/w Terrisita Ralph Burns part of
MG C-115x45
8972 8972x45 Tantallon c/w Vignette At Verney's Ralph Burns part of
MG C-115x45
8973 8973x45 Cameo c/w Lileth Ralph Burns part of
MG C-115x45
8974 8974x45 Someday, Somewhere c/w Spring Is Ralph Burns part of
MG C-115x45
8975 8975x45 Easter Parade c/w I See Everybody's Baby Roy Eldridge -
8976 8976x45 Rough Ridin' c/w But Not For Me Oscar Peterson -
8977 8977x45 Who's Excited? c/w Below The Azores Johnny Hodges early version
Who's Excited? c/w Sweepin' The Blues Away late version
8978 8978x45 Goodbye c/w Salute To Pres Flip Phillips -
8979 8979x45 Gal From Joe's c/w Skyliner Charlie Barnet -
8980 8980x45 Blue Lou c/w Deep Purple Charlie Barnet -
8981 8981x45 Charleston Alley c/w Cherokee Charlie Barnet -
8982 8982x45 Jubilee Jump c/w Southern Fried Charlie Barnet -
8983 8983x45 St. Louis Blues c/w Stardust Gene Krupa C 726-3
C 728-1
8984 8984x45 Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone c/w Drum Boogie Gene Krupa -
8985 8985x45 JATP Mambo c/w Cuban Blues Chico O'Farrill -
8986 8986x45 It Ain't Necessarily So c/w Guess What Chico O'Farrill -
8987 8987x45 Jive At Five c/w Jumpin' At The Woodside (aka Every Tub) Count Basie C 688-6
C 691-5
8988 8988x45 Why Not? c/w Fawncy Meeting You Count Basie -
8989 8989x45 Lullaby Of The Leaves c/w Love For Sale Anita O'Day -
8990 8990x45 Perdido c/w Fine's Idea Gene Krupa -
8991 8991x45 Tea For Two c/w Rosanne Johnny Hodges C 763-6
C 806-6
8992 8992x45 Deed I Do c/w In A Little Spanish Town Lester Young C 367-1
C 530-1
8993 8993x45 Bluesitis c/w Swinging Home Illinois Jacquet -
8994 8994x45 If I Had You c/w What Is This Thing Called Love Flip Phillips C 776-6
C 779-2
8995 8995x45 Rose Room c/w Yesterdays Charlie Ventura -
8996 8996x45 Baby, What's The Matter With You c/w Jumbo The Elephant Roy Eldridge -
8997 8997x45 Bijou c/w Poogerini Bill Harris -
8998 8998x45 St. Louis Blues c/w I Know What To Do Bulee Gaillard (Slim Gaillard) -
8999 8999x45 Just One Of Those Things c/w Willow Weep For Me Oscar Peterson -

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