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* 10000 Series
* 15000 Series (10")
* 20000 Series A
* 20000 Series B
* 25000 Series (10")
* 30000 Series (10")
* 35000/JATP/MGC
* 40000 Golden Lyre
* Living Presence
* 80000 Custom
* 90000 Tono
* PPS Series
* SRM Series
* Demo/Sampler


* EmArcy 26000 (10")
* EmArcy 36000 (12")
* EmArcy MGE/SRE
* EmArcy EMS
* Wing 12000
* Wing 12100/16100
* Wing 14000/18000
* Wing 60000
* Limelight
* Philips U.S.
* Fontana U.S.
* Smash
* Blue Rock
* Cumberland
* ...

(33rpm 7")

* Mercury 200/600
* Limelight 300
* Smash 700
* Fontana 750
* Philips 800/2700

Extended Play
(45rpm 7")

* Mercury EP 3000
* Mercury EP 4000
* Mercury EP 5000
* EmArcy EP 6000
* Wing EP 16000
* Mercury MEP
* Childcraft/Playcraft
* miscellaneous


* Mercury 2000
* Mercury 3000
* Mercury 5000
* Mercury 6000
* Mercury 8000
* Mercury 8900
* Mercury 11000
* Mercury 70000
* Mercury 89000
* EmArcy 16000
* Limelight
* Wing
* Blue Rock
* ...

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Mercury Records Collection

by MATSUBAYASHI 'Shaolin' Kohji <shaolin@rhythmaning.org>
... somebody says, every record on earth should have equal right to be played any longer ...

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an official site for Mercury Record Corporation,
but just a personal site for sharing information on the web.

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since May 24, 2002.
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September 28, 2014

uDiscover posted an article featuring the legendary cloth-bound album “The Jazz Scene”
(my copy is here) - check it out.

The Jazz Scene - The Most Important Album You've Never Heard?
July 17, 2014

Column update: A long story behind a particular copy of Pete Rugolo's album.

And for what it's worth, now we have a Facebook Page.

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EmArcy 16002
Jan. 17, 2010
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[MG C-507]
Jun. 19, 2007
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Jun. 6, 2007
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Many Thanks To...

I Have To Say Thanks To The People...

  • Görgen Antonsson-san, who sometimes review my site and kindly points incorrect information. He even gave me several Mercury LPs.
  • barbcity-san, who kindly privided many information on albums which I didn't own. He also provided several photographs of album covers. Please take a look at his marvellous items he is selling at eBay!
  • Christopher Evans-san, who also kindly provided several photographs of album covers which I still don't own yet. His Space Age Pop a go-go site is also worth investigating in detail. Great site!
  • Mark Lungo-san, who helped me a lot to provide many information on the LPs I had not listed yet.
  • foxworth-san, who also kindly provided scanned images of album covers which I still don't own yet.
  • Rob Smith-san, who also kindly provided scanned images of album covers which I still don't own yet.
  • Peter Hansson-san, who also kindly provided scanned images of album covers which I still don't own yet.
  • Earl Oliver-san, who taught me the information on MG-20857 / SR-60857. which I still don't own yet.
  • Brad-san, who also kindly provided scanned images of album covers which I still don't own yet.
  • Tim Kays-san, who sent me detailed information on JATP albums.
  • Raymond W. Morley-san, who gave me personnel information on MG-25095 and MG-20171.
  • Hansen-san, who provided me an information on MG-20303.
  • Jeffery Kennedy-san, who kindly let me know MG-20963 / SR-60963 which was missing on the list.
  • Teja Prellwitz-san, who kindly let me know the personnel as well as master numbers of MG C-114.
  • Hiroyuki Umetsu-san, who is an EmArcy collector and kindly provided me many information.
  • Masaya Hasegawa-san, who also is an extraordinary EmArcy collector and provided me so many important information.
  • Niizu-san, who kindly taught me the stereo number of MG-20409.

Shops I Love To Visit Often

  • Disk Union Kichijoji Jazz & Classic shop, where I have got (and maybe I will) many Mercury Jazz discs :)
  • RECOfan Kichijoji shop, where I found (and I hope I will) fine Mercury albums at low prices ;-P
  • HaL's Record, where is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. An invaluable Jazz-only vinyl shop.
  • TOPS new!, a great shop full of Jazz LPs. Located near the Kawasaki station.

Second-Hand Vinyl Shops On The Web

  • Ted's Record Room by Ted Foster, where I bought some Brook Benton's Mercury albums at fair price.
  • Flipside Records, where I bought another Brook Benton's Mercury album: various LPs can be found here.
  • Nagata's Jazz Page by Masatoshi Nagata-san, where he sells unwanted second-hand analogues. And he maintains his own Roland Kirk Discography. Worth seeing.
  • Wonderyear Records, where you can find many "rare" vinyls including Mercury discs.
  • Gatefold Records, where I could find hard-to-find Mercury analogues.
  • WeGotRecords, where tons of nice records are always stocked.
  • Weird Harold's holds various kinds of vintage LPs at fair price.
  • World Wide Wax lists many many Mercury albums including rarest ones.
  • Recordsbymail.com by Craig Moerer, holds over a million of vinyl phonographs.
  • CyrCoMusic.com by Jeff Cyr, always stocks various vinyls from cheap ones to the rarest ones.
  • All-Vinyl Records by Tony Lenz, have many interesting vinyls.
  • Platterpus by Bruce Moore: I visit and buy some very often :)
  • Irvington Music new! by Larry and Susan Gunderson, specializing in Classical LPs

Favourite Sites

MATSUBAYASHI 'Shaolin' Kohji <shaolin@rhythmaning.org>
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