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Mercury 8000 Series (10-inch 78rpm / 7-inch 45rpm)

[8009 Label]

Preceded by Mercury's very first 2000 Series (78rpm), Mercury divided the releases into several series. This 8000 Series was used for Black Music (entitled “Race Series”).

The 8000 Series was constantly released from 1946 to 1952, then all series was again unified into the 70000 Series. The last release of the 8000 Series was 8299. Most of the 8000 Series was released only on 78rpm format, except a few titles also available on 45rpms.

[English] [Japanese]

The List (Mercury 8000 Series, 8001-8099)

Titles with bold numbers (NON-grayed lines) indicates that I own the copy. If you happen to know the titles/artists of the albums unlisted here, or if you found any incorrect information, please let me know. Thank you.

Title Artist(s) (Note)
8001 Boy Meets Horn c/w Jug Blues Rex Stewart 236-1
8002 Hootie Boogie c/w Garfield Avenue Blues Jay McShann 300-1
(from Premier label)
8003 Cherry Red Blues c/w Somebody's Got To Go Eddie Vinson 173-2
8004 Rock-A My Soul c/w Moses Smote The Water The Four Bluejackets -
8005 If It's Good c/w Show Me Missouri Blues Julia Lee (from Premier label)
8006 I'm Falling For You c/w That Chick's Too Young To Fly Bill Samuels -
8007 Doin' The Boogie Woogie c/w Boogie Woogie At The Civic Opera
(several takes known to exist)
Albert Ammons 328-2
8008 B.O. Blues c/w That's Rhythm Rex Stewart -
8009 Too Many Women Blues c/w Just A Dream Eddie Vinson 175-2
w/ sleeve
8010 When A Woman Loves A Man c/w Oo Wee Walkie Talkie Dinah Washington -
8011 (NOT USED)
8012 Port Wine c/w Ghost Of A Chance Bill Samuels -
8013 Lotus Blossom c/w Dream Lucky Blues Julia Lee (from Premier label)
8014 Crown Prince Boogie c/w Shipyard Woman Blues Jay McShann (from Premier label)
8015 You Satisfy c/w Battle Hymn Of The Republic Red Nichols -
8016 My Baby Left Me c/w Come Back To Me Baby T-Bone Walker -
8017 ??? c/w ??? The Four Bluejackets -
8018 Ernestine c/w Rool On Katy Jay McShann -
8019 ??? c/w ??? The Four Bluejackets -
8020 Bucktown Boogie c/w Voodoo Woman Blues Jay McShann -
8021 My Bicycle Tillie c/w I Surrender Dear Bill Samuels -
8022 Swanee River Boogie c/w I Don't Want To See You
(several takes known to exist)
Albert Ammons -
8023 Cleanhead Blues c/w When A Woman Loves Her Juice Eddie Vinson -
8024 A Slick Chick (On The Mellow Side) c/w Postman Blues Dinah Washington -
8025 The Spider And The Fly c/w Bury Me Deep In The Till Blue Water Myra Taylor -
8026 I Want A Little Girl c/w Jimtown Boogie Jay McShann -
8027 Take It Easy Greasy c/w Tell Your Best Friend Nothin' Myra Taylor -
8028 Kidney Stew Blues c/w Old Maid Boogie Eddie Vinson -
8029 Open The Door Richard c/w Candy Store Jump Bill Samuels -
8030 Embraceable You c/w That's Why A Woman Loves A Heel Dinah Washington -
8031 Weep No More My Children c/w Jezebel The Four Bluejackets -
8032 Have You Ever Loved A Woman c/w Gone With The Blues Jay McShann 632-1
8033 For You c/w My Baby Didn't Even Say Goodbye Bill Samuels -
8034 The Door Is Wide Open c/w Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens Gay Crosse -
8035 I Want To Be Loved c/w Stairway To The Stars Dinah Washington 764-3
8036 Bop-De-Bip c/w It's A Low Down DIrty Shame Gay Crosse -
8037 Lilacs In The Rain c/w I Know What You're Puttin' Down Bill Samuels -
8038 Jack, You're Dead c/w San Antonio Rose Steve Gibson & The Red Caps -
8039 Lazy Gal Blues c/w Bonus Pay Eddie Vinson -
8040 Kilroy Boogie c/w 12th Street Boogie
(several takes known to exist)
Albert Ammons -
8041 All My Geets Are Gone c/w Strange Woman Blues Jay McShann 822-2
8042 When I Close My Eyes c/w Where's My Baby Bill Samuels -
8043 Evil Gal Blues c/w Homeward Bound Dinah Washington reissue of Keynote 605
8044 I Know How To Do It c/w Salty Papa Blues Dinah Washington reissue of Keynote 606
8045 Buzz Buzz Buzz (Will You Be My Honey?) c/w Sure Had A Wonderful Time Last Night The Trenier Twins -
8046 W.B. Blues c/w Sloppy Drunk Walter Brown -
8047 Jet Propelled Papa c/w Blue And Sentimental Helen Humes -
8048 Red Top c/w Idaho Gene Ammons 849-1
w/ sleeve
8049 Bar Fly Blues c/w Please Stop Playing Those Blues Boy Jay McShann -
8050 Fool That I Am c/w Mean And Evil Blues Dinah Washington -
8051 Luxury Tax Blues c/w Gonna Send You Back Where I Got You From Eddie Vinson -
8052 You Never Miss The Water Till The Well Runs Dry c/w I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire Steve Gibson & The Red Caps -
8053 St. Louis Blues c/w Shufflin' The Boogie
(several takes known to exist)
Albert Ammons 929-1
8054 Lovin' A Begger c/w Just Thinkin' Walter Brown -
8055 (NOT USED)
8056 I Just Refuse To Sing The Blues c/w The Raided The Joint Helen Humes -
8057 Since I Fell For You c/w You Can Depend On Me Dinah Washington -
8058 Hey, Sister Lucy! c/w I Miss You So The Trenier Twins -
8059 Walkin' Through Heaven (With You) c/w You're Drivin' Me Crazy Steve Gibson & The Red Caps -
8060 King For A Day Blues c/w Railroad Porter's Blues Eddie Vinson -
8061 There's Got To Be A Change c/w Early In The Morning Dinah Washington -
8062 McDougal's Sprout c/w Hold That Money Gene Ammons -
8063 S.P. Blues c/w Hiroshima Albert Ammons -
8064 If I Had Another Chance c/w One For The Money Bill Samuels -
8065 I Love You, Yes I Do c/w Don't Come Knockin' At My Door Dinah Washington 1148-2
8066 Done With Trouble c/w New Jerusalem Selah Jubilee Quartet (from Arista label)
8067 Oil Man Blues c/w Wandering Mind Blues Eddie Vinson 1118-1
8068 Move Out c/w Quit Barking In My Rhubarb (Gang Of Mine) Myra Taylor -
8069 Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine c/w I've Lived A Lifetime For You Steve Gibson & The Red Caps -
8070 The Sheik Of Araby c/w You Are My Sunshine
(several takes known to exist)
Albert Ammons -
8071 No, Baby, No! c/w Oooh! Look-a There, Ain't She Pretty The Trenier Twins -
8072 No More Lazy Gal Blues c/w Ain't Misbehavin' Dinah Washington -
8073 I Love You, Yes I Do c/w Smooth Sailing Cootie Williams -
8074 Mad About You c/w Flippity Flop Flop Helen Humes -
8075 Ammons Stomp c/w The Clipper
(several takes known to exist)
Albert Ammons -
8076 Some Women Do c/w Alimony Blues Eddie Vinson -
8077 Jumpin' On Sugar Hill c/w Today I Sing The Blues Helen Humes -
8078 Ain't She Mean c/w It's A Quiet Town (In Crossbone Country) The Trenier Twins -
8079 West Side Baby c/w Walkin' And Talkin' Dinah Washington -
8080 Odd-En-Dow c/w Dues In Blues Albert Ammons -
8081 Clinging Vine c/w It's A Sin To Tell A Lie Myra Taylor -
8082 Resolution Blues c/w I Want To Cry Dinah Washington 1593-2
promo copy
w/ sleeve
8083 You Talk A Little Trash (I'll Send A Little Cash) c/w Typhoon Cootie Williams 1585-2
8084 Lord Help The Poor And Needy c/w Going On With The Spirit Selah Jubilee Quartet (from Arista label)
8085 Little White Lies c/w Turnip Greens Steve Gibson & The Red Caps -
8086 Stompin' Those Blues Away c/w Moonglow Bill Samuels 1548-1
promo copy
8087 Tuxedo Boogie c/w Bear Den Boogie Albert Ammons -
8088 Time Out For Tears c/w Married Man Blues Helen Humes -
8089 Sometimes I'm Happy c/w (I'm Going Back With My) Cadillac Convertible The Trenier Twins -
8090 When I Get Drunk c/w High Class Baby Eddie Vinson -
8091 Danny Boy c/w Scratch (And You'll Find It) Steve Gibson & The Red Caps -
8092 Somebody Loves Me c/w Don't Fall In Love With Me Helen Humes -
8093 Money Is Honey c/w Give Me Time Steve Gibson & The Red Caps -
8094 Tell Me So c/w In The Rain Dinah Washington -
8095 Am I Asking Too Much c/w I Sold My Heart To The Junk Man Dinah Washington -
8096 Shermanski c/w E.A.A.K. Blues Gene Ammons -
8097 Milky White Way c/w If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again Sister Elizabeth Detherage -
8098 Bowlegged Boogie c/w He's Tall And Cool (He's The Man) Viviane Greene -
8099 They Looked Away Into Heaven c/w My John Saw (That Holy Number) Fisher Jubilee Singers -

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