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[In Association with Amazon.com]

MG C-1001/4: The Astaire Story

[Front Cover] Label Type : custom blue “Astaire” label
Matrix Number : MG C-1001 SIDE-A B-9570 #1-A    RL 31683    CLEF 1047
MG C-1001 SIDE-B B-9571 #1-B    RL 31128    CLEF 1040
MG C-1002 SIDE-A B-9572 #2-A    RL 31129 X    CLEF 1041 RC1
MG C-1002 SIDE-B B-9573 #2-B    RL 31130 X 2    CLEF 1042 RC1
MG C-1003 SIDE-A #3A B-9591    RL 31131 X    CLEF 1043 RC1
MG C-1003 SIDE-B #3B B-9592    RL 31132 X    CLEF 1044 RC
MG C-1004 SIDE-A RL 31133    CLEF 1045
MG C-1004 SIDE-B RL 31134 X    CLEF 1046 RC

[Inside The Cover]
Fred Astaire himself signs his name along with the limited number
(491st copy out of 1384)

[DSM Colour Print]
A colour drawing of Astaire at the session
by David Stone Martin (who signs with a pencil here as “DSM”)

[DSM B&W Print] [DSM B&W Print]
[DSM B&W Print] [DSM B&W Print]
[DSM B&W Print] [DSM B&W Print]
Six B&W drawings of Astaire at the session
by David Stone Martin


Mar. 6, 2007: replaced with a complete set (numbered 491 out of 1384) in far better condition.
My previous copy (numbered 1158) lacked DSM B&W portrait prints, and the album suffered water damage on last few pages.

A gorgeous cloth-bound album, attached with fine booklet containing many photographs at the recording session. one colour / six B&W prints (of Astaire at the session) by David Stone Martin.

Blue-coloured vinyls.

These LPs were also sold separately as MG C-1001 #1, MG C-1002 #2, MG C-1003 #3 and MG C-1004 #4.

Inside The Groove

An awesome 4LP album, featuring one of the greatest entertainers of the world.

Personal Impression (and brief notes)

Mr. Fred Astaire, a too famous personality, was not merely a dancer - he was also a great singer, tap dancer, and an awesome entertainer ever. This gorgeous limited edition 4LP box, produced by Norman Granz, captures full of Fred Astaire's marvelous talent in every way. Backing musicians, carefully chosen from JATP members, also plays so awesome.

It might be a scarce occasion for Mr. Astaire to have a recording session which was backed by a small combo - in the pre-WW2 period Astaire sang so many “standard” tunes on stages, in movies, or on wax, being backed by a gorgeous orchestra.

And here on this album, Mr. Astaire did not try to make himself sing like a Jazz singer, but this album also proves that he has a special voice even when he sing in a Jazz format. Most of the tracks are so-called “standards”, which Mr. Astaire had ever sang hundreds of times. On some tracks, he presents tap-dancing along with singing.

What words else should I add for this great album?

Strictly Personal Rating (to what extent I could enjoy this album)

10000 (or even more) out of 10

Track Listing

DISC 1 (MG C-1001)
A-1 C 1003-13 Isn't This A Lovely Day - B-1 C 1028-1 Let's Call The Whole Thing Off -
A-2 C 1019-10 Puttin' On The Ritz - B-2 C 1024-3 Change Partners -
A-3 C 1007-12 I Used To Be Color Blind - B-3 C 1004-9 'S Wonderful -
A-4 C 1020-2 The Continental - B-4 C 1013-2 Lovely To Look At -
B-5 C 1027-1 They All Laughed -
DISC 2 (MG C-1002)
A-1 C 1002-17 Cheek To Cheek - B-1 C 1026-10 The Carioca -
A-2 C 1021-3 Steppin' Out With My Baby - B-2 C 1001-1 Nice Work If You Can Get It -
A-3 C 1015-5 The Way You Look Tonight - B-3 C 1012-4 New Sun In The Sky -
A-4 C 1022-7 I've Got My Eye On You - B-4 C 1031-4 I Won't Dance -
A-5 C 1033-3 Dancing In The Dark - B-5 C 1035-2 (Ad Lib) Fast Dances -
DISC 3 (MG C-1003)
A-1 C 1034-8 Top Hat, White Tie And Tails - B-1 C 1014-13 Night And Day -
A-2 C 1016-7 No Strings - B-2 C 1018-7 Fascinating Rhythm -
A-3 C 1032-1 I Concentrate On You - B-3 C 1008-8 I Love Louisa -
A-4 C 1010-8 I'm Putting All My Eggs In My Basket - B-4 C 1036-2 (Ad Lib) Slow Dances -
A-5 C 1005-16 A Fine Romance - B-5 (Ad Lib) Medium Dance -
DISC 4 (MG C-1004)
A-1 C 1009-1 They Can't Take That Away From Me - B-1 C 1011-6 Oh, Lady Be Good! -
A-2 C 1024-3 You're Easy To Dance With - B-2 C 1025-7 I'm Building Up To An Awful Letdown -
A-3 C 1017-8 A Needle In A Haystack - B-3 C 1038-7 Not My Girl -
A-4 C 1029-15 So Near And Yet So Far - B-4 C 1030-7 Jam Session (Instrumental) -
A-5 C 1006-5 A Foggy Day -


Fred Astaire (vo, tap) with:
Charlie Shavers (tp), Flip Phillips (ts),
Barney Kessel (g), Oscar Peterson (p), Ray Brown (b), Alvin Stoller (ds).
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA, December 1952.

Mixing and engineering by Lowell Frank, of Radio Recorders.
Photographs by Gjon Mili and Paul Nodler.
Cover and Portfolio of Drawing by David Stone Martin.
Album printed by Berkshire Press.
Binding by Fisher Bookbinding.
Entire production supervised by Norman Granz.

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[MG C-1001/4 FRONT]

Some Inside The Cloth-bound Cover (there are some more pages) ...

[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]
[Inside The Cover]


MG C-1001 Side A MG C-1001 Side B
[MG C-1001 A] [MG C-1001 B]

MG C-1002 Side A MG C-1002 Side B
[MG C-1002 A] [MG C-1002 B]

MG C-1003 Side A MG C-1003 Side B
[MG C-1003 A] [MG C-1003 B]

MG C-1004 Side A MG C-1004 Side B
[MG C-1004 A] [MG C-1004 B]

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