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SR-61111: Friar Tuck And His Psychedelic Guitar

[Front Cover] Label Type : red Mercury type B
Matrix Number : SIDE-A 2/61111 A 1    MR
SIDE-B 2/61111 B 1    MR II


with original Mercury inner sleeve.

Inside The Groove

One of the craziest, bizarre, stupid, greatest, psychedelic, and awesome album, by a hard-working studio guitarist, with the help of legendary Curt Boettcher and his pals.

Personal Impression (and brief notes)

The guitarist Mike Deasy was one of the famous session guitarist in Los Angeles. His name can be found in various recordings in various music, from the Beach Boys, Association, Steve Eaton, Nick De Caro, to Cannonball Adderley or even Frank Sinatra.

This craziest album, on which Mike Deasy is appeared as “Friar Tuck”, represents the atmosphere in the late 1960s: As the title as well as the front cover pic shows, the main concept is “Psychedelic”. I have heard that he had been nearly dying due to drug overdoze...

Another key-person here is Curt Boettcher. On this album he contribute his own vocal, as well as chorus arrangements. Actually the chorus members are the Ballroom, pre-Millenium/Sagittarius group. Although this LP is not Curt Boettcher's greatest work, totally it's nice. The very contrast between beautiful chorus harmonies and freaky/sloppy/psyche/twangy/bizarre/(or anything else you wish) guitar sound is really really awesome.

Some of you might be disappointed if listening to this album: you cannot enjoy kinds of heavy-psyche or hard-ringing garage sound as the album title might suggest. However I still love this album too much. I really like this kind!! Most of the tunes here starts like ordinary psyche-popper with pretty chorus, but as a song goes on and on it turns to be bizarre noisy infinite-loop in the end. L-O-V-E Bizarre-Psyche-Popper.

Strictly Personal Rating (to what extent I could enjoy this album)

10 out of 10

Track Listing

A-1 Sweet Pea (Tommy Roe) 3:11
A-2 Louis Louis (Richard Berry) 4:56
A-3 Work Song (N. Adderley & O. Brown Jr.) 4:48
A-4 Alley-Oop (D. Frazier) 5:09
B-1 All Monked Up (Mike Deasy) 2:47
B-2 Ode To Mother Tuck (Mike Deasy) 1:50
B-3 A Record Hi (Mike Deasy) 2:32
B-4 Fendabenda Ha Ha Ha (Mike Deasy) 2:30
B-5 A Bit Of Grey Lost (Mike Deasy) 2:37
B-6 Where Did Your Mind Go (Mike Deasy) 3:35


Personnel/recorded date/master numbers confirmed with the Ruppli's discography.
(“The Mercury Labels - A Discography” by Ruppli and Novitsky, Greenwood Press, 1993)

Mike Deasy (g) with:
Ben Benay (g), Jim Healms (g), Butch Parker (p), Mike Henderson (org), Toxie French (vib), Jerry Shelff (b), Jim Troxel (ds),
Curt Boettcher (vo), Jim Bell (vo), Michelle O'Malley (vo), Sandy Salisbury (vo), Dottie Holmberg (vo), Sharon Oison (vo), Dyann King (vo), Alicia Vigil (vo), Bob Turner (vo).

All recorded maybe in 1967.
Some recorded at Gary Paxton Studios, Gary Paxton (engineer).
Some recorded at Sunwest Studios, Mark Taylor (engineer).
Others recorded at Columbia Studios, Tom May (engineer).

Musical arrangements by Mike Deasy.
Vocal arrangements by Curt Boettcher.
Produced by Mike Deasy.

The Artist Also Appears on...

Mike Deasy (a.k.a. Friar Tuck) (g) :
  • Mercury MG-21111 / SR-61111 : Friar Tuck And His Psychedelic Guitar


Front Back
[SR-61111 FRONT] [SR-61111 BACK]


Side A Side B
[SR-61111 A] [SR-61111 B]

Inner Sleeve

Front Back

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