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Extra Stuffs: Japan Releases

Mercury 40th Anniversary V.S.O.P. Album (Nippon Phonogram 25PJ-58/61

[Mercury 40th Anniversary V.S.O.P. Album]

[English] [Japanese]

In 1984, this 4LP box was compiled and released, celebrating the Mercury label's 40th anniversary. This great box contains many of previously unreleased materials which were discovered by famous Mr. Kiyoshi Koyama. As much as 47 tracks, all of which are previously unissued, are from Mercury, EmArcy and Limelight recordings. On the liner-notes booklet, we can read Mr. Leonard Feather's impressive introduction essay, and Mr. Dan Morgenstern's tune-by-tune detailed commentaries.

Again, the contents of this box are all previously unissued. However, all takes are long hidden treatures: it's really unbelievable that they had not been available public for long years. The album starts with Eroll Garner's unreleased takes from first session on Mercury (Dec. 5, 1945); followed by nice but invaluable recordings by such as Gene Ammons, Jay McShann, Arnett Cobb, Clark Terry, all of which were recorded during 78rpm-to-LP transition era; a gem of EmArcy unissued recordings by Dinah Washington, Paul Quinichette, Paul Bley, Clifford Brown, Herb Geller, Maynard Ferguson, Jimmy Cleveland, Cannonball Adderley; Mercury recordings by Quincy Jones, Roland Kirk, Billy Taylor, Art Farmer - Benny Golson Jazztet, Bob James; and the last contents are awesome unissued takes by Dizzie Gillespie for Limelight's “Charlie Parker Memorial Album”

Additionally, this box contains special bonus EP disc: Mildama (Take 2 and Take 4) by Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet (recorded in August 6, 1954), both of which are now available in other format such as a famous and great CD box “Complete EmArcy Recordings”.

Of course, both the audio fidelity and pressing qualities of the platters included in the box are great. I may say it's better than the originally pressed platter :) It means, compared with original discs, pressed in many decades ago (when the quality of cutting machines and pressings were not so nice on the whole), those in the 1980s (and in Japan) were much better. Unfortunately, pressing quality of Mercury and subsidiaries was not so good (except legendary “Living Presence” series) in general (of course, there are a few “great” discs in pressing quality). I think it may be also because there were few talented cutting engineers for Mercury label (except Living Presence series) like Mr. Rudy Van Gelder on the Blue Note label.

Anyway, this is an awesome box.

Track Listing

157 All The Things You Are Eroll Garner (p).
Recorded in N.Y., December 5, 1945.
161 My Heart Stood Still
11388 Sleep Eroll Garner (p).
Recorded in N.Y., March 14, 1955.
1393 Jay Jay Gene Ammons (ts) & His Orchestra:
Gail Brockman (tp), Ernest McDonald (as, bs),
Junior Mance (p), Gene Wright (b), Elis Bartee (ds).
Recorded in Chicago, December 10, 1947.
4617-1 You Didn't Tell Me Jay McShann (p) & His Orchestra:
Orville Minor (tp), Ben Webstar, Fats Dennis, Clifford Jenkins (ts),
Gene Griddins (g), Lloyd Anderson (b), Cooky Jackson (ds).
Recorded in Kansas City, October 27, 1951.
4619-2 The Duke And The Brute
4620-1 Reach

9470-3 Operation (take 3) Arnett Cobb (ts) & His Orchestra:
Ed Lewis (tp), Dickie Harris (tb), Charlie Ferguson (ts, bs),
George Rhodes (p), Walter Buchanan (b), Al Walker (ds).
Recorded in N.Y., June 14, 1953.
9470-5 Operation (take 5)
9470-8 Operation (take 8)
10321-7 Money In The Bank (take 7) Clark Terry (tp) & His Orchestra:
Art Blakey (ds), others unknown.
Recorded in N.Y., February 1954.
10321-12 Money In The Bank (take 12)
10621-5 Blue Skies (complete version) Dinah Washington (vo) & The All-Stars:
Clark Terry (tp), Gus Chappel (tb), Ricky Henderson (as),
Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis (ts), Junior Mance (p),
Keter Betts (b), Ed Thigpen (ds), Candid Camero (perc).
Recorded in N.Y., June 15, 1954.

11065 Plush Life (alternate take) Paul Quinichette (ts) All-Stars:
Sam Most (fl), Sir Charles Thompson (p), Jerome Darr (g),
Barry Galbraith (g), Paul Chambers (b), Harold Wing (ds).
Recorded in N.Y., November 4, 1954.
10381 Hot Springs Junior Mance (p) Trio:
unknown (b), unknown (ds).
Recorded circa March, 1954.
10383 111 East Ontario
10926 Willow Weep For Me Paul Bley (p) Trio:
Peter Ind (b), Alan Levitt (ds).
Recorded in N.Y., August 30, 1954.
10318 Glad To Be Unhappy Helen Merrill (vo)
with Orchestra conducted by Johnny Richards.
Recorded in N.Y., circa mid Feb, 1954.
10320-1 How's The World Treating You

10885-6 Blues (Coronado) (reharsal take) Clifford Brown (tp) All-Stars:
Herb Geller (as), Joe Miani (as), Walter Benton (ts),
Kenny Drew (p), Curtis Counce (b), Max Roach (ds).
Recorded in L.A., August 11, 1954.
12243-6 Manteca (alternate take) John Williams (p) Trio:
Bill Anthony (b), Jack Edie (ds).
Recorded in N.Y., June 15, 1955.
11504-11 Cherokee Herb Geller (as) Quartet:
Lorraine Geller (p), Red Mitchell (b), Mel Lewis (ds).
Recorded in L.A., Aprio 20, 1955.
11518 Blues In The Night
11542 Suppertime Herb Geller (as) Quartet:
Lorraine Geller (p), Red Mitchell (b), Mel Lewis (ds).
Recorded in L.A., Aprio 26, 1955.

12370-9 Roamin' Showman Maynard Ferguson (tp) & His Orchestra:
Buddy Childers (tp), Ray Linn (tp), Bob Burgess (tb),
Herb Geller (as), Georgie Auld (ts), Bill Holman (ts, arr),
Bud Shank (bs), Lorraine Geller (p), Ray Brown (b),
Alvin Stoller (ds).
Recorded in L.A., November 7, 1955.
12069 Taking A Chance On Love Maynard Ferguson (tp) & His Orchestra:
Herb Geller (as), others unknown.
Recorded in L.A., October 10, 1955.
11970-9 Our Love Is Here To Stay
(alternate take from different session)
Jimmy Cleveland (tb) & His All-Stars:
Ernie Royal (tp), Jerome Richardson (ts), Cecil Payne (bs),
Wade Legge (p), Barry Galbraith (g), Paul Chambers (b),
Joe Harris (ds), Quincy Jones (arr).
Recorded in N.Y., August 4, 1955.
13721 Hopping John (alternate take) Nat Adderley (cor) Quintet:
Cannonball Adderley (as), Junior Mance (p), Sam Jones (b),
Specs Wright (ds).
Recorded in N.Y., July 12, 1956.
13727 Yesterdays Nat Adderley (cor) Quintet:
Cannonball Adderley (as), Junior Mance (p), Sam Jones (b),
Specs Wright (ds).
Recorded in N.Y., July 18, 1956.
13728-2 Sam's Tune (alternate take) Nat Adderley (cor) Sextet:
Cannonball Adderley (as), Junior Mance (p), Al McKibbon (b),
Specs Wright (ds), Sam Jones (cello).
Recorded in N.Y., July 18, 1956.
17036-4 Fuller Bop Man (alternate take) Cannonball Adderley (as) Quintet:
Nat Adderley (cor), Junior Mance (p), Sam Jones (b),
Jimmy Cobb (ds).
Recorded in N.Y., March 6, 1958.

Moanin' (alternate take) Quincy Jones (arr, cond) & His Orchestra:
Harry Edison (tp), Ernie Royal (tp), Joe Wilder (tp), Clark Terry (tp),
Jimmy Cleveland (tb), Urbie Green (tb), Questin Jackson (tb),
Melba Liston (tb), Jilius Watkins (frh), Phil Woods (as),
Frank Wess (as), Benny Golson (ts), Zoot Sims (ts), Danny Bank (bs),
Patti Bown (p), Kenny Burrell (g), Milt Hinton (b), Charlie Persip (ds).
Recorded in N.Y., May 26, 1959.
Close Your Eyes Quincy Jones (arr, cond) & His Orchestra:
Lonnie Johnson (tp), Benny Bailey (tp), Clark Terry (tp),
Floyd Standifer (tp), Jimmy Cleveland (tb), Åke Persson (tb),
Melba Liston (tb), Questin Jackson (tb), Julius Watkins (frh),
Porter Kilbert (as), Phil Woods (as), Jerome Richardson (ts),
Budd Johnson (ts), Sahib Shihab (bs), Patti Bown (p),
Les Spann (g, fl), Buddy Catlett (b), Joe Harris (ds).
Recorded in Paris, France, Februrary, 1960.
Blues From Free And Easy
Ghana Quincy Jones (cond) & His Orchestra:
Jimmy Maxwell (tp), Jimmy Nottingham (tp), Joe Newman (tp),
John Bello (tp), Curtis Fuller (tb), Britt Woodman (tb),
Melba Liston (tb), Paul Faulise (tb), Julius Watkins (frh),
Joe Lopez (as), Phil Woods (as), Jerome Richardson (ts, fl),
Eric Dixon (ts, fl), Pat Patrick (bs), Patti Bown (p),
Les Spann (g, gl), Art Davis (b), Stu Martin (ds),
Ernie Wilkins (arr).
Recorded live at Newport Jazz Festival, July 3, 1961.
Blues For Alice (alternate take) Roland Kirk (ts, strich, manzello, fl, siren) Quartet:
Richard Wyands (p), Art Davis (b), Charlie Persip (ds).
Recorded in N.Y., August 16, 1961.
Domino (alternate take) Roland Kirk (ts, strich, manzello, fl, siren) Quartet:
Wynton Kelly Herbie Hancock (p), Vernon Martin (b), Roy Haynes (ds).
Recorded in N.Y., April 18, 1962.
NOTE: on VSOP album's liner notes, Wynton Kelly was creditted as a pianist,
but the latest research points out the correct pianist was Herbie Hancock.
This information is from the liner notes of recent CD reissue of “Domino”

PB7327 (24635) At La Carrousel Billy Taylor (p) Quartet:
Jim Hall (g), Bob Cranshow (b), Walter Booker (ds).
Recorded in N.Y., circa April, 1962.
PB7326 (24634) Paraphrase
- Tonk
(alternate take for unreleased single issue)
Art Farmer - Benny Golson Jazztet:
Art Farmer (flh), Grachan Moncur III (tb), Benny Golson (ts),
Harold Mabern (p), Herbie Lewis (b), Roy McCurdy (ds).
Recorded in N.Y., March 2, 1962.
- Sonny's Back
(alternate take for unreleased single issue)
25545 Another Git Together
(alternate take for unreleased single issue)
Art Farmer - Benny Golson Jazztet:
Art Farmer (flh), Grachan Moncur III (tb), Benny Golson (ts),
Harold Mabern (p), Herbie Lewis (b), Roy McCurdy (ds).
Recorded in N.Y., June 21, 1962.
NOTE: I have confirmed the existence of (at least) the promo copy
of the 45rpm 72029.
Also, the Ruppli book mentions the date as May 28, 1962.
22119 Softly As In A Morning Sunrise Bob James (p) Trio:
Ron Brooks (b), Bob Pozar (ds).
Recorded in Chicago, August 14, 1962.
22120 Ghost Riders In The Sky

2-35145 Blues (from Gillespiana) Dizzy Gillespie (tp) Quintet:
James Moody (fl, as), Kenny Barron (p), Chris White (b), Rudy Collins (ds).
Recorded live at the 10th Charlie Parker Memorial Conert,
Carnegie Hall, N.Y., March 27, 1965.
2-35146 My Funny Valentine
2-35147 A Night In Tunisia

[Bonus EP for V.S.O.P Album]
10878-2 Mildama (take 2) Clifford Brown = Max Roach Quintet:
Clifford Brown (tp), Harold Land (ts), Richie Powell (p),
George Morrow (b), Max Roach (ds),
Recorded in August 6, 1954.
10878-4 Mildama (take 4)

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