In addition to the standard feature set of's 2.4.23, this
  tree includes fixes/updates that didn't make it into 2.4.23, including all
  of what was present as of 2.4.22-ben2. Some of the major additions are:
   - G5 support (though 2.6 is recommended on G5s anyway)
   - Laptop mode patch (Jens Axboe). See Documentation/ script
   - Andrea Arcangeli's silent-stack-overflow patch
   - CPU Frequency switching support on some laptops
   - Support for UniNorth AGP in the agpgart driver (though it's strongly
     recommended that you use Michel's Danzer DRM module for that to work
   - Support for blinking the laptop LED on internal HD activity
     (Jens and me)
   - Improved support for lba48 capable disks (Jens Axboe)
   - Updated rivafb with support for more cards & eMac
   - Updated sungem driver, supports more chips & recent PHYs
   - Updated dmasound driver to support tumbler & snapper
   - Add reporting of OF device path of IDE interfaces in /proc/ide
   - Fixes for CompactFlash cards
   - Fixes to vmlinux.coff oldworld wrapper
   - Better TB sync code for 2 CPU machines from Samuel Rydth
   - Hardware TB sync on core99 (dual G4s)
   - Initial support for iBook G4
   - Fix for Promise IDE controller on Xserve's

というわけで 2.4.23-0vl2 作成開始.


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