Flat Foot Floogie (with a Floy-Floy)

My six-years-old daughter, whose best favourite tune so far is “That's A Plenty”, recently found another favourite tune of her own - it's “Flat Foot Floogie” - maybe I'm not a good daddy to her...

That's A Plenty」に続き、よりによって娘の愛聴曲となってしまったのが「Flat Foot Floogie」。ここ数日は常に鼻歌で歌っている始末です。。。きっと私は悪い親なんでしょう(笑)

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Jazz Tunes entitled “Hiroshima” and “Nagasaki”

For most of the people born and raised in Japan, every August means very special, making them feel very solemn - Nuclear bombing in Hiroshima (Sunday, 8:15 AM, August 6, 1945) and Nagasaki (Thursday, 11:02 AM, August 9, 1945); the end of the World War II aka the Pacific War (Wednesday, August 15, 1945); and coincidentally Aug. 15 is the “Obon” day - Buddist custom to honor the spirits of ancestors. Although I really do know (even as a native Japanese) that there's been many public debates and controversies around the world relating to the use of nuclear weapons, every August we Japanese renew our determination to attain peace, talking to ourselves we never want to repeat the tragedy.



HiroshimaCenotaph 2008 01.JPG
"HiroshimaCenotaph 2008 01" by Taisyo - photo taken by Taisyo.
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


On the other hand, some of the Japanese have been enthusiastic about Jazz music for many years (even since before the end of the WWII) - of course I'm one of such Jazz fans for dozens of years. And I sometimes encounter the Jazz/Popular songs that make me feel very confused with mixed emotions. “Hiroshima” by Albert Ammons is one of them.

その一方で、日本人の中には熱狂的なジャズファンが長らくいたわけで、私もその1人なのですが、そんな私がたまに複雑な気持ちにさせられたり、どう受け止めたらいいのかよく分からなくなる、そんなジャズやポピュラーの楽曲に出会うことがあります。アルバート・アモンズ (Albert Ammons) の「Hiroshima」という演奏もそんな曲です。

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Get On Up: The James Brown Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

It's a real pity - we can't see the movie until next spring in Japan - get on up! All I can do so far is to listen to the Original Soundtrack album, watching the official trailers, seeking and reading the reviews online, etc...


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Music “For Hi-Fi Bugs?” or “From Out of Space?”

The other day I received an e-mail from the person in Bellingham, WA, who asked me for some insights on the particular copy he got, that was somewhat mysterious. It was a “Music From Out Of Space” or “Music For Hi-Fi Bugs” by Pete Rugolo. He also sent me photos of that copy. It actually made me very interested and stimulating. Here's the story.

先日、米国ワシントン州在住の方からメールを受け取りました。その方が入手したレコードについて不思議な点があるので、何か詳しい情報を知っていないか、という質問でした。そのレコードというのは ピート・ルゴロ (Pete Rugolo) の「Music From Out Of Space」あるいは「Music For Hi-Fi Bugs」で、レコードやジャケットの写真も送って下さいました。そして調べると、確かに非常に興味深い点が見つかり、詳しく調べてみたくなりました。

[MG-36082 spine]
(If you find something interesting on this photo, you are definitely a Mercury collector!)
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You gotta go to the Eddie’s Lounge, the grooviest ‘Shitamachi’ bar in Nishi-Nippori, Tokyo

Eddie on the groove

In short: if you like soulful music and groovy jazz, you gotta go to the Eddie's Lounge (Facebook page) now. Also, if you are professional/amateur musician and you want a place to join the jam, Eddie's Lounge is one of the best places to dig in Tokyo.

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R.I.P., Mr. Jim Hall, The Greatest Jazz Guitar Stylist In History





ジェームス・スタンリー・ホール、通称 ジム・ホール。1930年12月4日生、2013年12月10日没。

James Stanley Hall, a.k.a. Jim Hall, born December 4, 1930, died December 10, 2013.

Jazz Impressions Of Japan / Jim Hall (my best favourite Jim Hall album, “Jazz Impressions Of Japan”, 1976) (I wrote the blog entry on this album nine years ago)

James Brown Live In Italy 1971 With Bootsy Collins

1971年イタリアでの収録とされる尊師ミスター・ブラウン (James Brown) の白黒映像は、以前からその存在が知られていましたが、最近になって、そのほぼ完全版(当時テレビ放送されたもの)があちらこちらで流通しているようです。しかし、その映像の(巷で言われている)収録日に疑問があります。

There have been some famous B/W films of The Godfather Of Soul James Brown here and there, although not complete, supposedly shot in Italy, 1971. And recently I found the complete version (as it was aired on TV at that time) circulating on the Internet. However, the recorded date of these films, as spread in the public, poses a question.

[James Brown in Italy 1971]
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A Great Day In Tokyo with Michael Yee

November 22, 2013 - it was really a very beautiful and sunny Autumn day in Nerima, Tokyo - I had the honorable privilege to meet Mr. Michael Yee from Mount Shesta, CA, who is a famous developer of Phonomena (I bought this back in 2004), Phonomena 2, Nova Phonomena and SuperNova / SuperNova 2 (he kindly handed over this superb product to me) and handful of power amplifiers, and his latest production, MYDAC II (he was kind enough to lend me the prototype version last year).

2013年11月22日、ここ東京都練馬区はとても美しくポカポカ陽気の一日でしたが、そんな日にカリフォルニア州マウントシャスタから来日している Michael Yee さんと会うことができました。彼は、有名なオーディオ機器開発エンジニアで、私も彼の製品を長年愛用しています。彼は Phonomena(2004年に私が購入した製品)、Phonomena 2Nova Phonomena そして SuperNova / SuperNova 2(昨年なんと譲って下さいました)といった蒼々たるラインアップのフォノイコライザーアンプや、独自のパワーアンプ開発で知られています。彼の最新の製品は DAC で、MYDAC II として昨年末から販売されています(やはり昨年、製品化前のプロトタイプ基板を貸して下さいました)。

[Michael Yee at the Hikarigaoka Park, Nerima, Tokyo]
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Kind Of Blue, Remastered, Again

またか、と思ってしまいますが、今回は間違いなく決定版です。HDtracks にて ステレオ (24/192, 24/96)モノ (24/192, 24/96) がリリースされています。圧倒的なリマスター。

Yet another remaster? But this time, 2013 version is surely the definitive edition. HDtracks just released the digital downloads on the website, both in stereo (24/192, 24/96) and mono (24/192, 24/96). The Definitive Remaster, period.

[Kind Of Blue, Remastered 2013, on HDtracks]
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