Progress bar on the the Plymouth startup screen "Script" theme

This is the startup screenshot of the soon-to-come Vine Linux 6.0 - the “script” theme from the Plymouth graphical boot animation.

To tell the truth I have been always wondering, why the progress bar on the boot-up screen looks like this. The progress bar is placed on the black background - the border is drawn in white colour - so the which is the progress bar itself, black one, or white one?

Seems like the “script” theme itself adopts black-coloured bar as a progress bar itself. So the following screenshot means that the boot-up process is now about 20% complete:

But don't you think it a bit strange? Sometimes do you see this as “the progress bar coming from the right side, now approximately 80% complete” or something?

I believe, in this example (black background, progress bar with white border), the following screenshot should represents “approximately 20% complete” far better:

If the latter one is still ambiguous, how about the following example whose border colour and the progress bar colour is bit different? I like this much better IMHO.

What would you think? Am I the only one who think it different?

This change can be easily done by editing the following png files:


And don't forget to execute “sudo /sbin/new-kernel-pkg --mkinitrd --depmod --install (kernel_version)” (kernel_version = 2.6.35-18vl6 for example) to take effect.

P.S. 2
Soon after this article was published, I noticed other Vine members were talking on the IRC channel about changing the default Plymouth theme from Script to Spinfinity - okay, okay - that's another solution to avoid the Script theme...

P.S. 3
Then here's yet another canditate from Daisuke-san - looking good. The very best IMHO. Now we can clearly distinguish the progress bar itself - no confusion here.


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