any good sports for my daughter?

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Yesterday afternoon we went to the tennis school (where we once lived near and I had regular lesson for several years) with my daughter to see how the kids tennis lesson (“Kinder Class”) was like.

We just watched the class behind the fence - not the trial lesson for my daughter. Sorry for her - she complained that she wanted to join the class and play with balls and racquets. Very sorry for her. Anyway we watched 80% of the whole lesson - about 40 minutes - until my daughter got bored of standing behind the fence, watching the kids class on the tennis court.

Not bad. We saw two children (two four-years-old boys) in the class on that day, while on the neighbouring court “Players' Course” (a very serious class for teens who wants to be professional tennis players) was playing very hard. The two kids were having fun at the class, moving and playing with much joy. They didn't look like they got bored.

To be honest, it was really a great introduction for 4-6 years old children, for parents who seriously wants their kids play tennis very hard in the near future.

But I don't think it was great for my daughter. Here's just a simple point why.

Too strict lesson for three years old kid to keep interests on tennis?

Stretching, running, holding balls on a racket (and moving around), hitting balls forehands and badkhands moving quick, etc... Okay. it's a nice “introduction” to tennis for kids, but my daughter still don't know how fun it is to play tennis seriously (she already likes to watch professional tennis matches on TV with me and she already loves to play with sponge balls and her kid racquet, though). I am just afraid if she would hate tennis before she got interested in tennis seriously.

I just thought it was not the right time for her. The class would work very good for her, after she would get interested in tennis very seriously. But in the meantime it's just that I want to look for any good kids class where my daughter can play with other kids and getting to know how the sport is like, getting interested in the sport, and getting to like the sport itself.

My conclusion is, that it is just too early for my three-years-old daughter to do a complete subset of what grown-up school students are doing IMHO. Maybe a few years later when she really gets to know tennis is fun. Or should I look for any other tennis schools for kids where they can feel and learn such “everything even before the ABC's”?

So what any good sport for my daughter? We've already observed some Kids Classical Ballet lessons that really amazed her so much. She always says “I like pretty things. Ballet is pretty. Tennis is cool, but not pretty!” Hahaha... Anyway maybe someday I do hope I play tennis with you...

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I think tennis would be a great sports. It is good for your hand feet coordination which needs to be trained early on. however a mix in sports would of course be ideal

however -take it easy!


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