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Mercury 20000 Series B (60800-60899)

This series was just preceded by 20000 Series A. The time was around 1960.

At that time, Stereo records were getting popular slowly, so the numbering scheme had been changed. Monaural records were sequentially numbered from MG-20600, while Stereo records' numbers were from SR-60600 in line. This scheme was used when the Monaural issues were faded out in the late 1960's.

[English] [Japanese]

The List: 20800-20899 (60800-60899)

Titles with bold numbers (NON-grayed lines) indicates I own the copy. You can see detailed information and scanned images by clicking catalogue no. or cover picture. If you happen to know the titles/artists of the albums unlisted here, or if you found any incorrect information, please let me know. Thank you.

Title Artist(s) Jacket (Note)
MG-20800 SR-60800 Reeds And Deeds Roland Kirk - -
MG-20801 SR-60801 Turning Point Benny Golson - -
MG-20802 SR-60802 The Great Hits Of Leroy Van Dyke Leroy Van Dyke - -
MG-20803 SR-60803 Best Of Garner Erroll Garner - -
MG-20804 SR-60804 Piano Roll Blues Del Wood [SR-60804] (thanks Brad-san for the photo)
MG-20805 SR-60805 I'll Cry If I Want To Lesley Gore - -
MG-20806 SR-60806 Until You've Heard ... You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet The Shacklefords - -
MG-20808 SR-60808 The Platters Sing ... !Latino! The Platters - -
MG-20809 SR-60809 Original Golden Hits Of The Great Groups Various Artists - -
MG-20812 SR-60812 Plays Jewish Melodies In Jazztime Terry Gibbs - -
MG-20813 SR-60813 Irving Berlin SongsVarious Artists - -
MG-20815 SR-60815 Tales Of The Frightened Volume 1 Boris Karloff - -
MG-20816 SR-60816 Tales Of The Frightened Volume 2 Boris Karloff [MG-20816] (thanks Mark-san for the photo)
MG-20818 SR-60818 This One's For Me Damita Jo - -
MG-20821 SR-60821 The Beginning Volume 2 Josh White - -
MG-20822 SR-60822 Big Bill Broonzy Memorial Big Bill Broonzy - -
MG-20824 SR-60824 Lush, Latin & Bossa Nova Too! Clebanoff and his Orchestra [SR-60824] (thanks PLO-san for the photo)
MG-20826 SR-60826 Original Golden Hits Of The Great Blues Singers Various Artists [MG-20826] green Mercury
promo copy
MG-20827 SR-60827 Remember Clifford Clifford Brown [SR-60827] (red Phonogram)
later issue
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20829 SR-60829 The Good Old Days Dinah Washington - -
MG-20830 SR-60830 Best Ballads Of Broadway Brook Benton - -
MG-20831 SR-60831 Sassy Swings The Tivoli Sarah Vaughan [SR-60831] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20832 Cugi's Cocktails Xavier Cugat [MG-20832] (thanks Evans-san for the photo)
SR-60832 [SR-60832] (thanks PLO-san for the photo)
MG-20833 SR-60833 Pol-y-tones Buddy DeFranco & Tommy Gumina - -
MG-20835 SR-60835 Shirley Horn With Horn Shirley Horn [MG-20835] red Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20836 SR-60836 The Ballad Side Of George Jones George Jones - -
MG-20838 SR-60838 Singin' Our Minds The Chad Mitchell Trio - -
MG-20840 SR-60840 Aims At The West Faron Young - -
MG-20842 SR-60842 Surfin' Hootenanny With Tom & Jerry Tom & Jerry - -
MG-20844 SR-60844 The Roland Kirk Quartet Meets The Benny Golson Orchestra Roland Kirk [SR-60844] lightblue Mercury
promo issue
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20845 SR-60845 The Music Of Les Baxter Don Tiare & Orch Exotiqu [SR-60845] (thanks Evans-san for the photo)
MG-20847 SR-60847 Anita Carter Of The Carter Family Anita Carter - -
MG-20849 SR-60849 Lesley Gore Sings Of Mixed-Up Hearts Lesley Gore - -
MG-20854 SR-60854 108 Pounds Of Heartache Bobby Scott - -
MG-20855 SR-60855 The Wonderful Songs Of Folk Harry Simeone - -
MG-20857 SR-60857 Hootenanny Bluegrass Style Various Artists [MG-20857] (thanks Earl-san for the photo)
MG-20859 SR-60859 Music From The Paramount Motion Picture
“A New Kind Of Love”
Erroll Garner with Full Orchestra [SR-60859] black Mercury
MG-20862 SR-60862 Curb Your Toung, Knave Smothers Brothers - -
MG-20863 SR-60863 Explores Music Of Henry Mancini Quincy Jones - -
MG-20864 SR-60864 Ragtime Jug Stompers Dave Van Ronk with The Ragtime Jug Stompers - -
MG-20868 SR-60868 Viva Cucat! Xavier Cugat - reissue of PPS-2003 / PPS-6003
MG-20870 SR-60870 The Best Of Cugat Xavier Cugat - reissue of PPS-2015 / PPS-6015
MG-20871 SR-60871 Strings Afire Clebanoff and his Orchestra [SR-60871] reissue of PPS-2019 / PPS-6019
(thanks Earl-san for the photo)
MG-20879 SR-60879 We Shall Overcome Freedom Singers [MG-20879] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20883 SR-60883 Songs Of The Cities Roy Drusky - -
MG-20886 SR-60886 Born To Sing The Blues Brook Benton [MG-20886] red Mercury
MG-20887 SR-60887 A Film Concert Clebanoff Strings - -
MG-20888 SR-60888 Cugat Caricatures Xavier Cugat - -
MG-20889 SR-60889 Out On A Limb Moms Mabley - -
MG-20891 SR-60891 Reflecting The Chad Mitchell Trio [SR-60891] red Mercury
MG-20893 SR-60893 Encore Of Golden Hits Of The Groups The Platters - -
MG-20894 SR-60894 Kirk In Copenhagen Roland Kirk [MG-20894] red Mercury
MG-20895 SR-60895 From Sea To Ski The Glaciers - -
MG-20896 SR-60896 Story Songs For Country Folks Faron Young - -
MG-20899 SR-60899 Songs About The Working Man Dave Dudley - -

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