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Mercury 20000 Series A (20300-20399)

[Original Mercury Logo]

This is the main series of Mercury label for 12" LP, started around early 1950's. The series covers various sounds thru Popular, Folk, Latin, Rock, Jazz, R&B, and much more.

Monaural records were numbered sequencially, starting from MG-20000. Around 1958, the "45/45" Stereo issues were also available, but the numbering was irregular. This was maybe because Stereo and Monaural version were NOT issued at the same time. For most albums, stereo issues came after monaural issues.

By the way, it was happy for us that 2-tracks (or 3-tracks) recording systems were introduced to record companies and recording studios BEFORE they start pressing stereo records. As for Mercury Records, they already started experimental stereo recordings in 1954. That's why we now have true-stereo LPs which were recorded before stereo LPs were introduced.

NOTE: I devided Mercury 20000 Series into two categories, Series A (from MG-20000 to MG-20599) and Series B (from MG-20600 and later) for the sake of convenience.

[English] [Japanese]

The List: 20300-20399

Titles with bold numbers (NON-grayed lines) indicates I own the copy. You can see detailed information and scanned images by clicking catalogue no. or cover picture. If you happen to know the titles/artists of the albums unlisted here, or if you found any incorrect information, please let me know. Thank you.

Title Artist(s) Jacket (Note)
MG-20300 SR-60006 It's Dance Time Dick Contino and his Orchestra - -
MG-20301 - Dreams David Carroll - -
MG-20302 SR-60071 Calypso Dance Joe Loco - -
MG-20303 - Big Beat On The Organ Jon Thomas - -
MG-20304 - Music For Swingers Gus Bivona and Steve Allen [MG-20304] black Mercury
- SR-60053 Swingin' And Dancin' [SR-60053] black Mercury
MG-20305 SR-60084 Till The End Of Time Florian Zabach - -
MG-20306 - Grand Ole Opry's New Star - Singing 14 Top Country Song Favorites George Jones - -
MG-20307 - The Beat Red Prysock [MG-20307] black Mercury
MG-20308 - No Blues On This Cruise Eddie Layton - -
MG-20309 ??? The Diamonds The Diamonds - -
MG-20310 SR-60045 Sings George Gershwin Volume One Sarah Vaughan - -
MG-20311 SR-60046 Sings George Gershwin Volume Two Sarah Vaughan - -
MG-20312 - Paradise Isle - Songs Of The Islands Eddy Howard - -
MG-20313 SR-60008 Dolls Dolls Dolls The Harmonicats - -
MG-20314 - They Sing...They Swing The Del Vikings - -
MG-20315 SR-60024 500 Miles To Glory - Indianapolis Motor Speedway Race - [SR-60024] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20316 SR-60002 Sing The Best Of Irving Berlin Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan [MG-20316] black Mercury
MG-20317 - Oh Yeah! Billy Williams [MG-20317] black Mercury
MG-20318 SR-60049 The Waltz Queen Patti Page - -
MG-20319 - Sings His Television Favorites Jimmy Dean - -
MG-20320 - Everything's Shakin' Sil Austin and Orchestra - -
MG-20321 - From Pal Joey / Annie Get Your Gun Vivian Blaine - -
MG-20322 - Walkin' Buddy Johnson [MG-20322] black Mercury
maybe 2nd press
MG-20323 - Gospel Quartet Favorites Carl Story and his Rambling Mountaineers - -
MG-20325 - With All My Love Manny Albam and his Orchestra [MG-20325] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20326 - Sarah Vaughan At Mister Kelly's Sarah Vaughan [MG-20326] black Mercury
MG-20328 - Hillbilly Hit Parade, Vol.2 Various Artists - -
MG-20329 - Pardon My English The Blue Stars Of France [MG-20329] black Mercury
MG-20330 SR-60072 Buddy Johnson Wails Buddy Johnson - black Mercury
MG-20331 - Man, We're Wailin' Louis Jordan [MG-20331] black Mercury
MG-20332 - Music For Dinner In Rio Lola Martinez - -
MG-20333 SR-60086 Billy's Best Billy Eckstine - -
MG-20334 SR-60021 We Could Have Danced All Night Griff Williams and his Orchestra - -
MG-20335 SR-60015 Mr. Percussion Bobby Christian and his Orchestra [SR-60015] black Mercury
1st cover
SR-60015 [SR-60015] black Mercury
2nd cover
MG-20336 - The Hits That Made Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra Famous Ralph Marterie [MG-20336] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20339 ??? The Rage Of Paris Eddie Constantine - -
MG-20340 ??? While Waiting For You Emil Stern - -
MG-20342 ??? C'est Magnifique Michel LeGrand and his Orchestra - -
MG-20343 SR-60014 Banjorama Carmen Mastren - -
MG-20345 - Steel Guitar Favorites Jerry Byrd - -
MG-20346 - Tommy Jackson's Square Dance Fiddle Favorites Tommy Jackson - -
MG-20347 ??? Swing Me Ella Johnson with Buddy Johnson and his Orchestra - -
MG-20348 SR-60033 The Palmer Method Of Dancing Jimmy Palmer - -
MG-20349 ??? Country Pickin' And Singin' The Stanley Brothers - -
MG-20350 - Country Music Jamboree Opry Stars - -
MG-20351 SR-60027 Dance And Stay Young David Carroll - -
MG-20353 - The Swingin, Singing Record Session Del Vikings [MG-20353] black Mercury
MG-20354 - Hot Cargo! Ernestine Anderson [MG-20354] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20355 - We Do Sing Too Nicholas Brothers [MG-20355] black Mercury
MG-20356 SR-60075 Let's Have A Pizza Party The Gaylords [MG-20356] black Mercury
MG-20357 SR-60056 The Banjo Minstrel Man John Cali - -
MG-20358 - Country Music Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs with the Foggy Mountain Boys [MG-20358] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20359 - On Stage With The Carlisles The Carlisles - -
MG-20360 ??? A Night At The Louisiana Hayride Various Artists - -
MG-20361 SR-60032 It's Just The Gypsy In My Soul David Romaine - -
MG-20362 SR-60028 In The Land Of Hi-Fi Jerry Murad and the Harmonicats - -
MG-20363 Harpo At Work Harpo Marx [MG-20363] (thanks Evans-san for the photo)
SR-60016 (diff cover) -
MG-20364 Honky Tonk Piano (The Stein Way) Lou Stein [MG-20364] black Mercury
SR-60054 [SR-60054] black Mercury
MG-20365 SR-60013 “Skin” And Bones Carl Stevens - -
MG-20366 SR-60043 The Flying Platters Around The World The Platters - -
MG-20367 SR-60042 Gigi Robert Clary and Pete Rugolo - -
MG-20368 SR-60076 The Diamonds Meet Pete Rugolo The Diamonds and Pete Rugolo - -
MG-20369 SR-60012 The Great Motion Picture Themes Of Victor Young Richard Hayman and his Orchestra [SR-60012] black Mercury
MG-20370 SR-60038 Vaughan And Violins Sarah Vaughan - -
MG-20371 SR-60017 Songs From Great Films Herman Clebanoff and the Clebanoff Strings - -
MG-20372 SR-60018 Just We Two Buddy Morrow and Eddie Layton [MG-20372] black Mercury
MG-20373 - Rockin' Cha Joe Loco - -
MG-20374 - Like, Be My Guest - An Evening With Rozelle Gayle Rozelle Gayle [MG-20374] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20375 SR-60079 Dick Contino At The Fabulous Flamingo Dick Contino - -
MG-20376 SR-60040 Improvisations To Music Mike Nichols & Elaine May - -
MG-20377 SR-60031 Better Layton Than Ever Eddie Layton - -
MG-20378 SR-60030 From Natchez To Mobile The River Boat Five [SR-60030] black Mercury
MG-20379 SR-60034 Ma! They're Comin' Down The Street The River Boat Five - -
MG-20380 SR-60023 Time Remembered Vernon Duke with Pete Rugolo and his Orchestra - -
MG-20382 - Play Gypsies, Dance Gypsies Sandor Lakatos - -
MG-20383 After Hours At The London House Sarah Vaughan [MG-20383] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
SR-60020 [SR-60020] black Mercury
MG-20385 SR-60066 Strings In Hi-Fi Pierre Challet - -
MG-20387 SR-60010 Patti Page Sings Let's Get Away From It All Patti Page - -
MG-20388 SR-60011 I've Heard That Song Before Patti Page - -
MG-20389 Repercussion David Carroll [MG-20389] (thanks Evans-san for the photo)
SR-60029 [SR-60029] black Mercury
MG-20390 SR-60069 Easy Living Ruth Olay - -
MG-20391 SR-60061 Harmonica Cha-Cha Jerry Murad's Harmonicats - -
MG-20392 SR-60067 The Magic Touch Of Buck Ram Buck Ram - -
MG-20393 SR-60068 Oldies But Goodies Griff Williams - -
MG-20394 SR-60050 Selections From Porgy And Bess And Showboat Eric Steele [SR-60050] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20395 SR-60004 Dance Party Ralph Marterie and his Marlboro Men - -
MG-20396 SR-60009 Night Train Buddy Morrow [MG-20396] black Mercury
MG-20397 SR-60036 Hi-Fidelity Concert Ralph Marterie and his Marlboro Men - -
MG-20398 SR-60025 On Camera ... Favorites From TV Patti Page - -

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