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Mercury 20000 Series A (20500-20599)

[Original Mercury Logo]

This is the main series of Mercury label for 12" LP, started around early 1950's. The series covers various sounds thru Popular, Folk, Latin, Rock, Jazz, R&B, and much more.

Monaural records were numbered sequencially, starting from MG-20000. Around 1958, the "45/45" Stereo issues were also available, but the numbering was irregular. This was maybe because Stereo and Monaural version were NOT issued at the same time. For most albums, stereo issues came after monaural issues.

By the way, it was happy for us that 2-tracks (or 3-tracks) recording systems were introduced to record companies and recording studios BEFORE they start pressing stereo records. As for Mercury Records, they already started experimental stereo recordings in 1954. That's why we now have true-stereo LPs which were recorded before stereo LPs were introduced.

NOTE: I devided Mercury 20000 Series into two categories, Series A (from MG-20000 to MG-20599) and Series B (from MG-20600 and later) for the sake of convenience.

[English] [Japanese]

The List: 20500-20599

Titles with bold numbers (NON-grayed lines) indicates I own the copy. You can see detailed information and scanned images by clicking catalogue no. or cover picture. If you happen to know the titles/artists of the albums unlisted here, or if you found any incorrect information, please let me know. Thank you.

Title Artist(s) Jacket (Note)
MG-20500 SR-60177 Play Rodgers & Hammerstein's "The Sound Of Music" Richard Hayman and his Orchestra - -
MG-20502 SR-60179 Original TV Music From Wagon Train Stanley Wilson and his Orchestra - -
MG-20503 SR-60180 Solo Encores David Carroll - -
MG-20506 SR-60183 Big Band Man Ralph Marterie And The All-Star Men [SR-60183] white Mercury
promo copy
w/ sleeve
MG-20508 SR-60185 Dixie In Hi Society Barney Richards And His Rebels [MG-20508] white Mercury
promo copy
MG-20509 SR-60186 The River Boat Five On A Swinging Date The River Boat Five - -
MG-20511 SR-60217 Golden Goodies Various Artists - -
MG-20512 SR-60188 Swing Softly Red Red Prysock [SR-60188] black Mercury
MG-20513 SR-60189 Jan August Plays Great Piano Hits Jan August - black Mercury
MG-20514 SR-60190 Skinnay Ennis Salutes Hal Kemp Skinnay Ennis - UNRELEASED
transferred to PHM 200-002 / PHS 600-002
MG-20515 Two For The Money The Brothers Candoli:Sextet [MG-20515] black Mercury
SR-60191 [SR-60191] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20516 SR-60192 Patti Page With The Pete Rugolo All Stars Patti Page - reissue of MG-36074 / SR-80000
MG-20517 SR-60194 Percussion At Work Pete Rugolo and his Orchestra - reissue of MG-36122 / SR-80003
MG-20518 SR-60195 Allen's All Stars Terry Gibbs - Steve Allen - Gus Bivona - reissue of MG-36138 / SR-80004
MG-20519 SR-60196 Buddy Collette's Swinging Shepherds Buddy Collette - reissue of MG-36133 / SR-80005
MG-20520 SR-60197 Harry Arnold + Big Band + Quincy Jones = Jazz! Harry Arnold & Quincy Jones - reissue of MG-36139 / SR-80006
MG-20521 SR-60198 Doodlin' Eddie Chamblee - reissue of MG-36131 / SR-80007
MG-20522 SR-60199 Cat On A Hot Tin Horn Cat Anderson - reissue of MG-36142 / SR-80008
MG-20523 SR-60200 Newport '58 Various Artists [SR-60200] black Mercury
reissue of MG-36141 / SR-80009
MG-20524 SR-60201 Max Roach Plus Four At Newport Max Roach Plus Four - reissue of MG-36140 / SR-80010
MG-20525 SR-60202 Dinah Washington Sings Fats Waller Dinah Washington - reissue of MG-36119 / SR-80011
MG-20526 SR-60203 Jazz Comes To The Astor The Gene Rodgers Trio - reissue of MG-36145 / SR-80012
MG-20527 SR-60204 For Moderns Only The Jazz Pickers - reissue of MG-36111 / SR-80013
MG-20528 SR-60205 Rugolo Plays Kenton Pete Rugolo - reissue of MG-36143 / SR-80014
MG-20529 SR-60206 Max Roach With The Boston Percussion Ensemble Max Roach - reissue of MG-36144 / SR-80015
MG-20530 SR-60207 Jump For Joy Julian “Cannonball” Adderley - reissue of MG-36146 / SR-80017
MG-20531 SR-60208 Cannonball's Sharpshooters Julian “Cannonball” Adderley - reissue of MG-36135 / SR-80018
MG-20532 SR-60209 Max Roach 4 Plays Charlie Parcker Max Roach Plus Four - reissue of MG-36127 / SR-80019
MG-20533 SR-60210 John Graas! John Grass - reissue of MG-36117 / SR-80020
MG-20535 SR-60212 More Vibes On Velvet Terry Gibbs - reissue of MG-36148 / SR-80027
MG-20536 SR-60213 Down To Earth The Ramsey Lewis Trio - reissue of MG-36150 / SR-80029
MG-20537 SR-60214 The Music From Richard Diamond Pete Rugolo and his Orchestra - reissue of MG-36162 / SR-80045
MG-20538 SR-60193 Jazz In 3/4 Time Max Roach Plus Four - reissue of MG-36108 / SR-80002
MG-20539 SR-60215 Moon Faced And Starry Eyed Max Roach Plus Four - -
MG-20540 SR-60255 The Devine Sarah Vaughan Sarah Vaughan - -
MG-20541 ??? Another Collection Of Golden Hits The Platters - -
MG-20542 ??? Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs with the Foggy Mountain Boys Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs with the Foggy Mountain Boys - -
MG-20544 SR-60218 An Evening At Goldie's New York Goldie Hawkins - -
MG-20545 SR-60052 A Wee Bit Of Jazz Joe Saye - reissue of MG-36112
MG-20546 Like Swung The Modernaires [MG-20546] black Mercury
SR-60220 [SR-60220] black Mercury
MG-20547 SR-60085 Olay! Ruth Olay [SR-60085] black Mercury
reissue of MG-36125
MG-20548 SR-60113 The West Side Patti Page - reissue of MG-36136
MG-20549 SR-60114 The East Side Patti Page - reissue of MG-36116
SR-60118 Music From Out Of Space Pete Rugolo [SR-60118] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20551 Rhythm Meets Rugolo Pete Rugolo - black Mercury
SR-60119 [SR-60119] black Mercury
MG-20552 SR-60120 Jazz Guitar Bill Harris - black Mercury
reissue of MG-36113
MG-20553 SR-60121 Cleveland Style Jimmy Cleveland [SR-60121] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
reissue of MG-36126
SR-60122 Terry Gibbs Plays The Duke Terry Gibbs [SR-60122] black Mercury
reissue of MG-36128
MG-20555 SR-60123 I Swing For You Lennie Niehaus [SR-60123] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
reissue of MG-36118
MG-20556 SR-60124 Boy With Lots Of Brass Maynard Ferguson [MG-20556] blue Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
reissue of MG-36114
MG-20557 SR-60126 The Jazz Pickers Featuring Red Norvo The Jazz Pickers and Red Norvo - reissue of MG-36123
MG-20558 SR-60127 Chamblee Music Eddie Chamblee [SR-60127] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
reissue of MG-36124
MG-20559 SR-60128 Max Roach Plus Four On The Chicago Scene Max Roach Plus Four - reissue of MG-36132
MG-20560 SR-60219 Fruit Boot Bobby Jaspar - UNRELEASED?
MG-20561 The Great Wide World of Quincy Jones Quincy Jones [MG-20561] black Mercury
SR-60221 [SR-60221] black Mercury
1st jacket
w/ inner sleeve
SR-60221 [SR-60221] black Mercury
2nd jacket
SR-60221 [SR-60221] (red Phonogram)
later issue
3rd jacket
MG-20562 SR-60562 Golden Hits Eddy Howard - -
MG-20563 SR-60223 Songs For Lovers Young And Old Belford Hendrix - UNRELEASED
transfered to MGW-12222-W / SRW-16222-W
MG-20564 SR-60224 The Velvet Violins Various Artists - -
MG-20565 SR-60225 I Love You In So Many Ways Brook Benton - black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20566 SR-60226 A Page From Cole Porter Stephane Grappelli - UNRELEASED?
MG-20567 SR-60227 In Person - Adults Only Sophie Tucker - -
MG-20568 SR-60228 Miyoshi Miyoshi Umeki [MG-20568] black Mercury
MG-20569 SR-60231 A Page From Gershwin Stephane Grappelli - UNRELEASED?
MG-20570 SR-60229 Sweet And Spanish - Lourdes Sings American Favorites In Spanish Lourdes [SR-60229] black Mercury
MG-20571 SR-60230 Love Letters Clyde Otis - -
MG-20572 SR-60232 Unforgettable Dinah Washington - -
MG-20573 SR-60233 Just A Closer Walk With Thee Patti Page [MG-20573] white Mercury
promo copy
MG-20574 - For Those In Love Dinah Washington - UNRELEASED
MG-36011 + 1 track?
MG-20575 SR-60235 The Original Jazz Score From Shotgun Slade Stanley Wilson and his Orchestra - -
MG-20576 SR-60236 ...Soft Plaintive And Moody! Sil Austin - -
MG-20577 SR-60237 The World's Great Waltzes Clebanoff Strings - -
MG-20578 SR-60238 Love Themes From Great Films Clebanoff Strings - -
MG-20579 - It's Dinah In Bluesville! Dinah Washington - UNRELEASED
MG-20580 SR-60240 Close To You Sarah Vaughan [SR-60240] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20581 SR-60241 14 More Newies But Goodies Various Artists - -
MG-20582 SR-60242 Moanin' Ernestine Anderson - -
MG-20583 SR-60249 More Golden Goodies - Songs That Sold A Million Various Artists - -
MG-20584 - More Gospel Quartet Favorites Carl Story and his Rambling Mountaineers - -
MG-20585 - Dinah Might Blues Dinah Washington - UNRELEASED
MG-20586 SR-60246 After The Ball Frank D'Rone with Billy May and his Orchestra [MG-20586] black Mercury
MG-20587 SR-60587 Frankie Laine's Golden Hits Frankie Laine - -
MG-20588 The Two Of Us Dinah Washington & Brook Benton [MG-20588] black Mercury
1st jacket
w/ inner sleeve
SR-60244 [SR-60244] black Mercury
1st jacket
SR-60244 [SR-60244] black Mercury
2nd jacket
MG-20589 SR-60245 Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries The Platters - -
MG-20590 SR-60248 Eddie Heywood At The Piano Eddie Heywood [SR-60248] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20591 SR-60252 More Encores Of Golden Hits The Platters - -
MG-20592 SR-60250 Running Bear Johnny Preston [SR-60250] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20593 SR-60593 More Golden Hits Eddy Howard - -
MG-20594 SR-60253 Parisian Sketches Max Roach - UNRELEASED
transfered to MG-20760 / SR-60760
MG-20595 SR-60254 Buddy Rich And His New Group Buddy Rich - UNRELEASED
tranfered to MGE-26006 / SRE-66006
MG-20596 SR-60257 George Jones Salutes Hank Williams George Jones - -
MG-20597 SR-60262 Ta Ta! Clyde McPhatter - -
MG-20598 SR-60259 Bouquets Tony Williams - UNRELEASED
tranfered to PHM 200-051 / PHS 600-051
MG-20599 SR-60260 Sings And Stars In Elmer Gantry Patti Page - -

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