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Mercury Label Variations

  • Maroon Living Presence
  • Gold Living Presence Golden Lyre
  • Blue Living Presence Tono
  • Red Living Presence Custom Fidelity

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Black/Gold Mercury Variations

This type of label was used for 10-inch LP series and earliest 12-inch LP series, maybe until circa 1954. The printing colour is yellowish gold. Later, printing colour is changed to silver (or whity silver).

The paper used for a label is glossy type in black colour. However circa 1952 non-glossy label is also available.

On the right side of the spindle hole, you can see “Margin Control” printed. There are several “Margin Control” variations known depending on the time of pressing. According to Mercury Labelography by Ron Penndorf-san, every variation (at least on Living Presence series) indicates its pressed period like this:

  • 1949-1951: Reeves-Fairchild Margin Control
  • 1951-1952: Reeves-Fairchild Thermodynamic Margin Control
  • 1952-1954: Fine-Fairchild Margin Control
  • 1955-: Margin Control

However, there is another variation known, Fine-Fairchild Thermodynamic Margin Control (it's still unknown whether this variation appeared in Living Presence series: all I have confirmed were from EmArcy series and Mercury series). This variation seems to be used maybe in 1954 or 1955.

By the way, “Margin Control” from 1955 and on was used only for Living Presense Series. In Popular/Jazz releases, the following variations are common:

  • 1955-: A Custom High Fidelity Recording

Black/Gold Mercury
(Reeves-Fairchild Margin Control)
Black/Gold Mercury Trumpeter
(Reeves-Fairchild Margin Control)
[Black/Gold Mercury] [Black/Gold Mercury]
This is the earliest variation,
printed in yellowish gold, on a glossy black paper.
You may notice the words
Reeves-Fairchild Margin Control
printed to the right of the spindle hole.
This also has
Reeves-Fairchild Margin Control”,
and additionally has Trumpeter logo,
which is common in Norman Granz products such as Clef and Norgran.

Black/Gold Mercury
(Reeves-Fairchild Thermodynamic Margin Control)
Black/Gold Mercury
(Reeves-Fairchild Thermodynamic Margin Control, Trumpeter)
[Black/Gold Mercury] [Black/Gold Mercury Trumpeter]
This second variation has
Reeves-Fairchild Thermodynamic Margin Control”.
printed also in yellowish gold, on a glossy black paper.
This also has
Reeves-Fairchild Thermodynamic Margin Control”,
and additionally has Trumpeter logo,
which is common in Norman Granz products such as Clef and Norgran.
(MG VOL.14)

Black/Silver Mercury
(Reeves-Fairchild Thermodynamic Margin Control)
Black/Silver Mercury
(Reeves-Fairchild Thermodynamic Margin Control, No Gloss)
[Black/Silver Mercury] [Black/Silver Mercury No Gloss]
This type is printed in whity silver.
This type is also in whity silver,
but the label paper is non-glossy type.
(2nd pressing of MG-25012)

Black/Gold Mercury
(Fine-Fairchild Margin Control, No Gloss)
Black/Silver Mercury
(Fine-Fairchild Margin Control, Trumpeter, No Gloss)
[Black/Gold Mercury No Gloss] [Black/Silver Mercury Trumpeter No Gloss]
This type has yet another variation
Fine-Fairchild Margin Control
printed on the left side of the spindle hole.
This might be used only for Norman Granz-produced LPs
except Living Presence series.
(MG C-118)
On this type, Trumpeter logo is added,
as well as printing colour is again in whity silver.
(MG C-512)

Black/Silver Mercury A
[Black/Silver Mercury A]
Maybe this is the last variation in Margin-Control types,
Fine-Fairchild Thermodynamic Margin Control
printed to the right of the spindle hole.

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