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* EmArcy 26000 (10")
* EmArcy 36000 (12")
* EmArcy MGE/SRE
* EmArcy EMS
* Wing 12000
* Wing 12100/16100
* Wing 14000/18000
* Wing 60000
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* Blue Rock
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Mercury Label Variations

  • Maroon Living Presence
  • Gold Living Presence Golden Lyre
  • Blue Living Presence Tono
  • Red Living Presence Custom Fidelity

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EmArcy Label Variations

EmArcy is one of the most famous subsidiary labels of Mercury. There are so many “classics” of Modern Jazz recordings listed on the catalogue.

Blue EmArcy (78rpm)
(“Cymbal Series” printed)
Blue EmArcy (45rpm)
(“Cymbal Series” printed)
[Blue EmArcy 78 Cymbal] [Blue EmArcy 45 Cymbal]
This is a 78rpm EmArcy label - no less than 15 titles were released. EmArcy 78rpm was released in the “end of the 78rpm” era, so it's uncertain whether 78rpm and 10-inch LP came with the very first ”drummer” label. By the way, an elbow of the right hand seems to be designed to avoid 78rpm centre hole...
The very same disc in 45rpm format.
Also ”Cymbal Series” printed on the label.

Blue EmArcy (78rpm)
(no “Cymbal Series”)
Blue EmArcy (45rpm)
(no “Cymbal Series”)
[Blue EmArcy 78] [Blue EmArcy 45]
Mostly the same as the above variation,
but without ”Cymbal Series” printed.
This 45rpm is also without ”Cymbal Series” printed on label.

blue EmArcy A
(Big Drummer, Margin Control)
blue EmArcy A1
(Big Drummer, High Fidelity)
[Blue EmArcy A] [Blue EmArcy A1]
The Famous EmArcy label's original design, background in Blue colour. A “BIG DRUMMER” illustration attatched with Mercury emblem is printed on the top.
And as shown in Mercury's original design, “Margin Control” is typed.
Mostly the same as the original design shown left, but “Margin Control” is replaced with “A High Fidelity Recording” or “A Custom High Fidelity Recording”, whose transition is also shown in Mercury's design variations.

Blue EmArcy A1 “Silver Rim”
(Big Drummer, High Fidelity)
Blue EmArcy B “Silver Rim”
(Small Drummer)
[Blue EmArcy A SR] [Blue EmArcy B SR]
This “Big Drummer” label has “Silver Rim” printed around the label. This type is used for some issues circa 1955.
This “Small Drummer” label also has “Silver Rim”, used for some issues circa 1955.

Blue EmArcy B
(Small Drummer)
Black EmArcy B
(Small Drummer)
[Blue EmArcy B] [Black EmArcy B]
This is maybe most common type, background in Blue colour. “Small Drummer” illustration printed on the top.
As seen in this type, labels with the same design as Blue EmArcy B but background color in Black exist.

Blue EmArcy C
(another Big Drummer)
[Blue EmArcy C]
This type was used from the year 1957. A “drummer” logo gets bigger, attached with Mercury emblem. However, this is different from original “BIG DRUMMER” type.

Blue Mercury/EmArcy D Mono
(Mercury Oval “EmArcy Jazz” logo)
Blue Mercury/EmArcy D Stereo
(Mercury Oval “EmArcy Jazz” logo)
[Blue Mercury/EmArcy D Mono] [Blue Mercury/EmArcy D Stereo]
Some Mercury albums released under “EmArcy Jazz Series”, and later EmArcy monaural releases (and even some 2nd issues) used this type of label design. The Design resembles Black Mercury type B, with “EMARCY JAZZ” in the oval Mercury logo.
When EmArcy's Stereo issues began, a round-shape Mercury Logo with “EMARCY JAZZ” was placed on a label. The design resembles Black Mercury type C.

Light Brown EmArcy E White EmArcy E (Promo)
[Light Brown EmArcy E] [Light Brown EmArcy E Promo]
EmArcy MGE/SRE Series, rivived in the middle 1960s, has light brown label with many new EmArcy logos.
This is the promotional variation of EmArcy MGE/SRE series. The design is simple as white back in black print.

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