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Mercury 20000 シリーズ B (60600-60699)

このシリーズは 20000 Series A に続くものです.1960年〜1961年頃に切り替わりました.

この頃になると,ステレオ盤のリリースは徐々に多くなってきましたので, それに伴いカタログ番号の振り方が変更されました. モノーラル 盤が MG-20600 から順に振られるのは以前と同様ですが,ステレオ 盤も SR-60600 から順番に振られる様になりました. 丁度同じアルバムのステレオ盤とモノーラル盤のカタログ番号の下4桁が 対応するわけです. これは 1960年代末期にモノーラル盤のリリースが終わるまで続きました.

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The List: 20600-20699 (60600-60699)

番号が太字で示された (バックが灰色でない行の) タイトルは、 私が所有しているものです。 カタログ番号かジャケット写真をクリックすると詳細が見られます。 また、ここにリストアップされていないカタログ番号の タイトル/アーティスト情報をお持ちの方、 間違った情報を見付けられた方は、是非御一報下さい。

Title Artist(s) Jacket (Note)
MG-20600 Jazz Is A Kick Bob Brookmeyer [MG-20600] black Mercury
SR-60600 [SR-60600] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20601 SR-60601 Exotic Music from the Far East Wal-Berg and his Orchestra - -
MG-20602 SR-60602 Songs I Love To Sing Brook Benton [MG-20602] black Mercury
MG-20604 SR-60604 I Concentrate On You Dinah Washington - black Mercury
MG-20605 SR-60605 Movin' Easy Jazz Renaissance Quintet [MG-20605] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20606 SR-60606 You 'N Me The Al Cohn - Zoot Sims Quintet [MG-20606] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20607 SR-60607 Brook Benton Golden Hits Brook Benton [MG-20607] black Mercury
MG-20608 SR-60608 The Sound Of Griff Williams Griff Williams - -
MG-20609 SR-60609 Come Rock With Me Johnny Preston - -
MG-20610 SR-60610 Jose Melis On Broadway Jose Melis - -
MG-20611 SR-60611 The Songs And Comedy Of The Smothers Brothers At The Purple Onion Smothers Brothers - -
MG-20612 SR-60612 I Dig Dancers Quincy Jones - -
MG-20614 SR-60614 For Lonely Lovers Dinah Washington - -
MG-20615 SR-60615 Sings Country And Western Golden Hits Patti Page - -
MG-20616 SR-60616 Cannonball Enroute Julian “Cannonball” Adderley [MG-20616] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20617 SR-60617 My Heart Sings Sarah Vaughan - -
MG-20618 SR-60618 Accent! Jan August - -
MG-20619 SR-60619 If You Believe Brook Benton [MG-20619] black Mercury
MG-20620 SR-60620 American Hits In Italian The Gaylords - -
MG-20621 SR-60621 George Jones' Greatest Hits George Jones - -
MG-20625 SR-60625 Someone's Watching Over You The Plainsmen Gospel Quartet - -
MG-20626 SR-60626 Guitar's Greatest Hits Tom & Jerry [SR-60626] black Mercury
MG-20627 Pre-Bird Charlie Mingus [MG-20627] (red Phonogram)
later issue
SR-60627 [SR-60627] black Mercury
MG-20628 SR-60628 Reminiscin' Gigi Gryce Orch-tette [MG-20628] white Mercury
promo copy
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20628 [MG-20628] (red Phonogram)
later issue
MG-20629 SR-60629 Roaring Twenties The River Boat Five - -
MG-20630 SR-60630 Dancin' And Singin' With Tiny Hill Tiny Hill - -
MG-20631 SR-60631 Golden Hits Tiny Hill - -
MG-20635 SR-60635 Roman Holiday Dick Contino - -
MG-20637 SR-60637 Broadway, Bongos And Mr. "B" Billy Eckstine - -
MG-20638 SR-60638 September In The Rain Dinah Washington - -
MG-20639 SR-60639 Great Organ Hits Eddie Layton - -
MG-20640 SR-60640 King Of Kings Clebanoff and his Orchestra - -
MG-20641 SR-60641 Boll Weevil Song And 11 Other Great Hits Brook Benton - -
MG-20642 SR-60642 I'll Save The Last Dance For You Damita Jo - -
MG-20643 SR-60643 Abbe Lane With Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra Abbe Lane with Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra - -
MG-20644 SR-60644 Golden Hits Tony Martin - -
MG-20648 SR-60648 Jose Melis In Movieland Jose Melis [MG-20648] black Mercury
MG-20649 SR-60649 Let's Dance, Dance, Dance David Carroll [MG-20649] (thanks Evans-san for the photo)
MG-20651 SR-60651 Chart Winners - A Collection Of Mercury's Top Pop Hits Various Artists - -
MG-20652 SR-60652 The Lush Side Of Cannonball Adderley Julian “Canonball” Adderley [SR-60652] white Mercury
promo copy
reissue of EmArcy MG-36063
MG-20653 SR-60653 At Newport '61 Quincy Jones [MG-20653] white Mercury
promo copy
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20654 The Original Jazz Score Of Kwamina Billy Taylor [MG-20654] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
SR-60654 [SR-60654] white Mercury
promo copy
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20655 SR-60655 Golden Blues Clyde McPhatter - -
MG-20656 SR-60656 It's Real - King Of The Gospel Singers Little Richard [MG-20656] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20657 SR-60657 Country & Western Golden Greats Rusty Draper - -
MG-20658 SR-60658 Songs Of Broken Love Affairs Claude Gray - -
MG-20659 SR-60659 Styles The Great Pop Piano Classic Jan August - -
MG-20660 SR-60660 Mexico And 11 Other Great Hits David Carroll - -
MG-20661 SR-60661 Tears And Laughter Dinah Washington [MG-20661] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20662 Plays Misty Erroll Garner [MG-20662] black Mercury
1st jacket
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20662 [MG-20662] (red Mercury)
late 1960s issue
2nd jacket
w/ inner sleeve
SR-60662 - black Mercury
MG-20663 SR-60663 Golden Saxophone Hits Sil Austin - -
MG-20664 SR-60664 High Society Twist Carl Stevens - -
MG-20666 SR-60666 Won't You Dance With Me Griff Williams - -
MG-20667 SR-60667 Styles Great International Hits Jan August - -
MG-20669 SR-60669 Songs For The Lonely The Platters - -
MG-20670 SR-60670 In Person At The Banjo Palace Riverboat Five - -
MG-20672 SR-60672 Josh White At Town Hall Josh White - -
MG-20673 There Goes That Song Again Brook Benton [MG-20673] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
SR-60673 [SR-60673] black Mercury
MG-20674 SR-60674 At Basin Street East Billy Eckstine & Quincy Jones [MG-20674] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20675 SR-60675 The Two Sides Of The Smothers Brothers The Smothers Brothers - -
MG-20678 SR-60678 Ragtime Goes South Of The Border Del Wood [SR-60678] (thanks Brad-san for the photo)
MG-20679 We Free Kings Roland Kirk [MG-20679] black Mercury
SR-60679 [SR-60679] black Mercury
MG-20680 SR-60680 Mike Nichols & Elaine May Examine Doctors - -
MG-20682 SR-60682 Walk On By Leroy Van Dyke - -
MG-20685 SR-60685 Presenting Buddy DeFranco & Tommy Gumina Quartet Buddy DeFranco & Tommy Gumina [MG-20685] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20686 SR-60686 Meg Myles At The Living Room Meg Myles - -
MG-20687 SR-60687 Twist With The Stars
(DeeJay's Choice)
Various Artists - -
MG-20688 SR-60688 Let's Dance To The Movie Themes David Carroll - -
MG-20689 SR-60689 Sings Country And Western Golden Hits Vol.2 Patti Page - -
MG-20690 SR-60690 Galaxy David Carroll - -
MG-20691 SR-60691 Bill Kenny Sings The Golden Hits Of The Ink Spots Bill Kenny - -
MG-20692 SR-60692 At The Playboy Club Slappy White - -
MG-20695 SR-60695 Gaylords At The Shamrock The Gaylords - -
MG-20696 SR-60696 Joe Newman Quintet At Count Basie's Joe Newman - -
MG-20697 SR-60698 Dixie Twist Mike Simpson and his Raunch Hands - white Mercury
promo copy
MG-20698 SR-60698 Here And Now Art Farmer - Benny Golson Jazztet [SR-60698] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve

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