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Mercury 20000 シリーズ A (20400-20499)

[Original Mercury Logo]

20000番台は,1950年代初期にスタートした, Mercury レーベルの 12インチ LP 用のシリーズです. このシリーズでは,クラシック以外のあらゆる音楽ジャンル (ポピュラー,イージーリスニング,フォーク,ラテン, ロック,ジャズ,R&B, その他なんでも) がリリースされました.

モノーラル 盤は,MG-20000 番から開始して番号順に リリースされました. ステレオ は 1958年からリリースが開始されましたが, モノーラル盤とは異なりカタログ番号は不規則に振られました. これは,ステレオ盤とモノーラル盤が同時にリリースされていなかったからです. ほとんどのアルバムでは,まずモノーラル盤が番号順にリリースされ, その中でステレオミックスされたものがアットランダムにステレオ盤として リリースされた様です.

ステレオ盤のリリースが開始される前に,既にステレオ録音用機材が レコード会社に行き渡っていたのは幸いなことでした. ちなみに Mercury では 1954年頃からステレオ実験録音を開始していました. ですので,ステレオ盤リリースが開始する前の録音でも, ステレオミックスが可能で,後にステレオ盤がリリースされたものがある訳です.

注意: ここでは,便宜上 Mercury 20000 シリーズを シリーズ A (MG-20000 から MG-20599 まで), シリーズ B (MG-20600 より後) の 2つに分けています.

[English] [Japanese]

The List: 20400-20499

番号が太字で示された (バックが灰色でない行の) タイトルは、 私が所有しているものです。 カタログ番号かジャケット写真をクリックすると詳細が見られます。 また、ここにリストアップされていないカタログ番号の タイトル/アーティスト情報をお持ちの方、 間違った情報を見付けられた方は、是非御一報下さい。

Title Artist(s) Jacket (Note)
MG-20400 SR-60074 The Toast Of The Nation's Critics Ernestine Anderson - -
MG-20401 SR-60070 Distinguished Violin Of Eddie South Eddie South - -
MG-20402 - Chantilly Lace The Big Bopper - -
MG-20403 SR-60063 Jon Hall Directs Music From Honolulu Jon Hall - -
MG-20404 SR-60058 Viennese Ballroom Jan Marek and the Vienna Light Opera Orchestra - -
MG-20405 SR-60059 Indiscretion Patti Page [SR-60059] black Mercury
MG-20406 SR-60081 I'll Remember April Patti Page - -
MG-20407 SR-60083 Piano-Roll Rock 'N Roll J Lawrence Cook - -
MG-20408 SR-60082 Cha-Cha Charm Jan August - -
MG-20409 SR-60088 The Moon And The Stars Harry Arnold and his Orchestra [MG-20409] (thanks Evans-san for the photo)
MG-20410 SR-60087 Remember When? The Platters - -
MG-20411 SR-60060 Show Stoppers David Carroll - -
MG-20412 SR-60080 The Gospel Truth Sister Rosetta Tharpe [MG-20412] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20413 SR-60089 America's Dance Favorites Clyde Otis And His Orchestra [SR-60089] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20414 SR-60090 Squeeze Me Dick Contino - -
MG-20415 SR-60091 Sound Spectrum Shay Torrent - -
MG-20416 SR-60065 Songs From Great Shows Clebanoff Strings - -
MG-20417 SR-60037 Three Little Words Patti Page - -
MG-20418 SR-60064 Frank D'Rone Sings Frank D'Rone [SR-60064] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20419 SR-60092 A Night At The Opera Wal-Berg and his Orchestra - -
MG-20420 SR-60093 An Affair To Remember Hal Mooney - -
MG-20421 SR-60077 It's Just A Matter Of Time Brook Benton [SR-60077] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
FR 1/FR3
MG-20422 SR-60094 The River Boat Five Take The Train The River Boat Five [MG-20422] black Mercury
MG-20423 SR-60095 Dancing At The Roosevelt Jimmy Palmer - -
MG-20424 SR-60096 Plays Pretty For The People
Sil Austin [MG-20424a] (red Mercury)
1960s' issue
MG-20425 SR-60097 A Swingin' Love Affair Peter Palmer and his Orchestra with Voices [SR-60097] black Mercury
MG-20426 SR-60098 Caravan Eddie Layton - -
MG-20427 SR-60099 Keep It Gay - Conversational Music Greene and Iles - -
MG-20428 SR-60100 Only Memories Richard Hayman - -
MG-20429 SR-60101 The Moods Of Taft Jordan Taft Jordan [MG-20429] black Mercury
MG-20430 SR-60102 That's Amore The Gaylords - -
MG-20431 SR-60103 Caramba! - Exotic Sounds Of The Americas Richard Hayman and his Orchestra [SR-60103] (thanks Evans-san for the photo)
MG-20432 SR-60104 Great For Dancing Eddy Howard - -
MG-20433 SR-60105 At The Mighty Wurlitzer Eddie Layton - -
MG-20434 SR-60106 Battle Royal!! Sil Austin and Red Prysock [MG-20434] white Mercury
promo copy
MG-20435 SR-60108 Untamed! - The Exciting Voice Of Elizabeth Lands Elizabeth Lands [SR-60108] (thanks R.Smith-san for the photo)
MG-20436 SR-60107 It's Easy To Dance With Florian Zabach Florian Zabach - -
MG-20437 SR-60109 Music For A Private Eye Ralph Marterie [SR-60109] black Mercury
MG-20438 SR-60110 Magic Of Sarah Vaughan Sarah Vaughan - -
MG-20439 SR-60111 The Queen! Dinah Washington [SR-60111] black Mercury
MG-20440 Launching A New Sound In Music Terry Gibbs and his Orchestra [MG-20440] white Mercury
promo copy
SR-60112 [SR-60112] black Mercury
MG-20441 No Count Sarah Sarah Vaughan [MG-20441] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
w/ insert
SR-60116 [SR-60116] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20442 SR-60117 A Map Of Jimmy Cleveland Jimmy Cleveland [MG-20442] white Mercury
promo copy
MG-20443 SR-60125 Jazz Concert Tonight Franz Jackson and his Dixieland All-Stars - UNRELEASED
transferred to PHM 200-013 / PHS 600-013
MG-20444 SR-60129 The Birth Of A Band! Quincy Jones [MG-20444a] (red Phonogram)
later issue
MG-20445 SR-60115 Breezin' Along With The Breeze Eddie Heywood [MG-20445] white Mercury
promo copy
MG-20446 SR-60131 Gene Rodgers Plays Richard Rogers Gene Rodgers - UNRELEASED?
MG-20447 SR-60132 At The Cinema! Buddy Collette and his Swinging Shepherds [MG-20447] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20448 Rich Versus Roach Buddy Rich & Max Roach [MG-20448] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
SR-60133 [SR-60133] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20449 Cannonball Adderley Quintet In Chicago Julian “Cannonball” Adderley [MG-20449] black Mercury
SR-60134 [SR-60134] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20450 SR-60135 Crazy Rhythm Jimmy Cleveland - UNRELEASED
transferred to MGE-26003 / SRE-66003
MG-20451 SR-60136 Richcraft Buddy Rich and his Orchestra [MG-20451] black Mercury
MG-20452 SR-60137 Linger Awhile Lou Stein - UNRELEASED?
MG-20453 - A Profile Of Gerry Mulligan Gerry Mulligan [MG-20453] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20454 SR-60138 A Girl Is A Girl Is A Girl Tony Williams - -
MG-20455 SR-60130 I Love You Lou Stein - UNRELEASED?
MG-20456 SR-60139 Broadway Goes To College Northwestern Men's Glee Club, William Ballard - -
MG-20457 SR-60140 A Little Sweet Max Roach Plus Four - UNRELEASED
transferred to MG-20911 / SR-60911
MG-20458 SR-60141 Music For The Birds Eddie South & Mike Simpson - -
MG-20459 SR-60142 Bill Harris Guitar Bill Harris - -
MG-20460 SR-60143 Meet Me In Chicago Jimmy McPartland & Art Hodes [SR-60143] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20461 SR-60144 The Voice Is Rich Buddy Rich [SR-60144] white Mercury
promo issue?
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20462 - Country Church Time George Jones - -
MG-20463 SR-60145 Do It Yourself Wedding Album June Valli and Florian Zabach - -
MG-20464 SR-60146 Endlessly Brook Benton [SR-60146] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20465 SR-60147 Voodoo! Richard Hayman and his Orchestra [SR-60147] (thanks Evans-san for the photo)
MG-20466 SR-60148 Songs From Great Operettas Clebanoff Strings - -
MG-20467 SR-60149 Velvet Waters Haywood Henry - UNRELEASED
MG-20468 - Travellin' With The Blues Jimmie Skinner - -
MG-20469 SR-60151 Honky Tonk Piano And A Hot Banjo Lou Stein & John Cali - -
MG-20470 SR-60152 Let's Dance Again David Carroll and his Orchestra - -
MG-20471 SR-60153 In The Mood Dick Contino & Eddie Layton - -
MG-20472 - Encore Of Golden Hits The Platters - -
MG-20473 SR-60154 Presenting Little, Dane, And Mason Little, Dane, And Mason [MG-20473] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20474 SR-60156 Sings The Great Ones Patti Page - UNRELEASED?
MG-20475 SR-60155 Sings The Best Of America Patti Page - -
MG-20476 SR-60157 May I Sing For You Clyde McPhatter - -
MG-20477 - Sings White Lightning And Other Favorites George Jones - -
MG-20478 - The Fantastic Johnny Horton Johnny Horton - -
MG-20479 SR-60158 What A Diff'rence A Day Makes Dinah Washington - -
MG-20480 SR-60159 Songs From The Old West The Diamonds - -
MG-20481 SR-60160 Reflections The Platters - -
MG-20482 SR-60161 The Continental Mr. Barclay Eddie Barclay and his Orchestra - -
MG-20483 SR-60162 More Songs From Great Films Clebanoff Strings And Orchestra - -
MG-20484 SR-60163 Clebanoff PlaysGreat Songs Of The Continent Clebanoff Strings And Orchestra - -
MG-20485 - Harmonically Yours Jerry Murad's Harmonicats - -
MG-20486 SR-60165 High School Prom Eddie Barclay - -
MG-20487 SR-60166 A Swingin' Dance Time Peter Palmer - -
MG-20488 SR-60167 Twilight Time Eddie Barclay [SR-60167] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20489 SR-60168 April In Paris Eddie Barclay - -
MG-20490 SR-60169 Around The Campfire Songs Richard Hayman - -
MG-20491 SR-60170 Quiet As It's Kept Max Roach Plus Four [SR-60170] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20492 SR-60171 The Fascinating Ernestine Ernestine Anderson [MG-20492] black Mercury
MG-20493 SR-60172 14 Newies But Goodies Various Artists - -
MG-20494 SR-60173 Let's Dance Awhile To The Griff Williams' Style Griff Williams and his Orchestra - -
MG-20495 SR-60239 Golden Hits Patti Page - -
MG-20496 SR-60175 My Kinda Swing Ernestine Anderson - -
MG-20497 SR-60174 Try A Little Tenderness Frank D'Rone - -
MG-20498 SR-60258 Skatin' With Layton Eddie Layton [MG-20498] black Mercury
w/ inner sleeve
MG-20499 SR-60176 Hits That Sold A Million Rusty Draper - -

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