Kohji Matsubayashi

Our first duet on piano

年末から3月下旬まで仕事が本当に大忙しでまともに更新すらできませんでした。音楽関係の web すらまともに巡回する余裕もなかった程。レコードもまったく買わず、音楽も以前ほどは聴く暇もなく、好きなテニスもほとんどできず、なんとも殺伐としたものでした。ともあれ、少しづつここに復帰しようとは思っています。

I had been way way busy since last December to the end of March – just too busy to post new articles and visit various music-related websites regularly. There’s no LP/CD records I bought during that period. There was not enough time to enjoy listening to music for months. There was not enough time to play tennis on the court. It had been so sad and miserable to spend like that, but I hope I will be able to update this site regularly as I had been doing before.

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