Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Michell GyroDec Generations; Suspension Tower Upgrade Kit

こちらでは大変ご無沙汰しております。2歳を過ぎたやんちゃ娘を毎日自宅で面倒みながら仕事したり家事したりですと (笑) さすがにここの更新も疎かになってしまいがちです。今回はそんなやんちゃ娘の昼寝の間をぬって、ターンテーブルのパーツを交換したお話です。

It’s been a while since I updated this website last – I haven’t had enough time to post new entries here while I take care of two-year-old ‘tomboy’ daughter, doin’ daily household chores, doin’ my job all at home. Anyway the entry I am writing this time is a story of upgrading my turntable parts while my tomboy daughter was taking an afternoon nap…

[J.A. Michell Gyrodec Mk.III Emblem]
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Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

中古 GyroPower QC ト心地良キ感動

SME 3009-R」の続き.


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