Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Dinu Lipatti Chopin Waltzes

ショパン (Frédéric François Chopin) のワルツ集 . . . 音楽に全く興味のない人でも、必ず何曲かは耳にしたことがあるはず。少しでもピアノを習ったことがある人なら、何曲かは弾いたことがあるはず。そして弾き手の解釈によってその表情が余りにも変化してしまう、本当に 難しい 曲集。

Piano Waltzes by Frédéric François Chopin . . . which have been very popular even among people who don’t have interests in music at all . . . anyone who had learnt playing classical piano ever had a chance to play a Chopin Waltz or two . . . and what’s most important, these fourteen Waltzes are very difficult to play – every pianist play Chopin Waltzes based on interpretations of their own, and every performance shows variety of diversity.

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