Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

ME-1: Vinicius & Odette Lara

一年程前に ELENCO Discography を掲載しましたが、各アルバムの紹介記事を書こう書こうと思いつつ忘れていました (笑) 思いだしついでに、記念すべき最初のアルバムを。

An year ago I published the entry entitled ELENCO Discography, and I wished to add more entries dedicated to each ELENCO title. However, only time has passed and here is no entry – it was just my fault (I completely forgot about it!). Finally, here is the first entry, for the first ELENCO title.

[ME-1 Front Cover] [ME-1 Back Cover]
Vinicius & Odette Lara / Vinícius de Moraes & Odette Lara
(Elenco [BR] ME-1)
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