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ME-3: A Bossa Nova de Roberto Menescal e Seu Conjunto

ブラジルの若大将 (笑) といえば、やはり Carlos Lyra (カルロス・リラ) か Roberto Menescal (ホベルト・メネスカル) の名前があがるでしょうか。ME-2 “Balançamba / Lúcio Alves” に続く ELENCO 3枚目は、その若大将 Roberto Menescal による、ボッサ・ノーヴァの「陽」の部分を極限まで引き出した快速アルバムです。今まで同様、ELENCO Discography からもリンクを張ってあります。

Who was the “young boss of summer” in the Brazilian Bossa Nova scene? Maybe many people will mention such names as Carlos Lyra or Roberto Menescal. ELENCO‘s third album (ME-3) by Roberto Menescal is a really refreshing album being filled with “brighter side” of the Bossa Nova. As always, please also refer the ELENCO Discography entry.

[ME-3 Front Cover]      [ME-3 Back Cover]

A Bossa Nova de Roberto Menescal e Seu Conjunto
(Elenco [BR] ME-3)
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Kohji Matsubayashi

ME-9: Antonio Carlos Jobim

(English edition of this article will be available in the near future, I hope…)

ME-2 “Balançamba” から飛ばして ME-10 “Nara Leão” に行ってしまいましたが、本来の番号順 ME-3 に戻る前にもう1枚、 ME-9Antônio Carlos Jobim にいってみましょう。 以前と同様、 ELENCO Discography からもリンクを張ってあります。

[ME-9 Front Cover]      [ME-9 Back Cover]

Antônio Carlos Jobim
(Elenco [BR] ME-9)
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Kohji Matsubayashi

ME-10: Nara Leao

ME-2 “Balançamba” に続く今回は、ちょっと番号を飛ばして ME-10Nara Leão にいってみます。 以前と同様、 ELENCO Discography からもリンクを張ってあります。

Preceded by my previous post on ME-2 “Balançamba”, let’s jump to the tenth ELENCO LP album (ME-10) by Nara Leão this time (ME-3 will be featured on the next update, I hope). As always, please also refer the ELENCO Discography entry.

(本エントリは、私が別の web に 2004年 7月 17日付で掲載していたものを転載後加筆訂正したものです)
(this article was originally made public at my another web site on July 17, 2004)

これが恐らく初めて購入したブラジル盤中古 LPです。あの Nara Leão (ナラ・レオン,1942-1989) さんの ELENCO レーベルにおけるデビューアルバムです。1963年にリリースされたオリジナルモノーラル盤。

This was the very first Brazilian used LP I ever bought – the debut album (1st issue in 1963, original mono) of Nara Leão (1942-1989) left on the ELENCO label.

ジャケットは恐ろしい程ペラペラ。薄手の無地スリーブに、表と裏の印刷紙を張り合わせただけ。1960年代の日本盤 LP や英国盤にも、薄手の紙で出来たペラジャケがありますが、これはその比ではありません。保管には細心の注意を払わないと傷めてしまいそうです。

The outer sleeve is very fragile and weak – front/back covers (printed on a thin paper) are just glued onto a plain paper sleeve. Old UK LPs (and Japanese LPs) sometimes came with very thin outer sleeves, but this Brazilian sleeve is more fragile and weak – we have to handle old Brazilian sleeves with extreme care to keep them from further damages.

[ME-10 Front Cover]      [ME-10 Back Cover]

Nara / Nara Leão
(Elenco [BR] ME-10)
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Kohji Matsubayashi

ME-2: Balançamba / Lúcio Alves

前回 ME-1 “Vinicius & Odette Lara” を紹介しましたが、今回は続く大傑作 (敢えてそう書こう)、 ME-2Lúcio Alves です。 前回同様、 ELENCO Discography からもリンクを張ってあります。

Preceded by my past post on ME-1 “Vinicius & Odette Lara”, here is “the masterpiece” (at least in my humble opinion) – second Elenco LP album (ME-2) by Lúcio Alves. As always, please also refer the ELENCO Discography entry.

[ME-2 Front Cover]      [ME-2 Back Cover]

Balançamba / Lúcio Alves
(Elenco [BR] ME-2)
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Kohji Matsubayashi

ME-1: Vinicius & Odette Lara

一年程前に ELENCO Discography を掲載しましたが、各アルバムの紹介記事を書こう書こうと思いつつ忘れていました (笑) 思いだしついでに、記念すべき最初のアルバムを。

An year ago I published the entry entitled ELENCO Discography, and I wished to add more entries dedicated to each ELENCO title. However, only time has passed and here is no entry – it was just my fault (I completely forgot about it!). Finally, here is the first entry, for the first ELENCO title.

[ME-1 Front Cover]      [ME-1 Back Cover]

Vinicius & Odette Lara / Vinicius de Morais & Odette Lara
(Elenco [BR] ME-1)
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Kohji Matsubayashi

ELENCO Discography (original LPs)

[ELENCO] Bossa Nova 誕生を鮮やかに告げたとされる Joao Gilbelto (ジョアン・ジルベルト) の 1959年リリース LP “Chega De Saudade” でプロデューサを務めた Aloysio De Oliveira (アロイージオ・ヂ・オリヴェイラ) がオデオンやフィリップスを離れて作ったレーベル、 そして全身全霊を傾けてプロデュースした珠玉の作品群が未だに高い評価を受けているレーベル、 ELENCO

The famous and highly-acclaimed ELENCO label – produced by the legendary Aloysio De Oliveira. He devotedly produced a number of fine Bossa Nova albums after he left Odeon and Philips. He was also known as a producer of legendary 1959 album “Chega De Saudade” (performed by Joao Gilbelto), which was a very start of Bossa Nova’s public release.


私がここ暫くこのレーベル蒐集にハマっていまして、整理の意味も兼ねて、アルバムリストを掲載します。また、各 LP のページ (より詳しいデータやジャケット写真など) のページも順次作成していく予定です。

Recently I’ve been into collecting Elenco LPs, and that’s why I started to put here a list of all Elenco LPs. Also, I think I will put pages dedicated to each Elenco LPs (including detailed information and scanned images) in the near future.

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