Solved! The Mystery of The Phantom Record


Solved! The Mystery of The Phantom Record
For three weeks in the Summer of 1979, a song called ‘Ready N Steady’ by a band named D.A. charted on the Billboard charts. It never peaked higher than #102. Then, it vanished. Never to heard from again.
That’s not entirely unusual, of course. In the music industry, artists come and go. However, something made this particular song unique:
No one could find a copy of it. No one. It was as if the song had never actually existed.

1979年夏の Billboard チャート102位まで上がったのに、いまだにレコードが1枚も見つからない、謎のミュージシャンによる謎の楽曲の正体が、ついに解明された、と。


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