Miles Davis’ “Birth of the Cool” 78rpm releases

のちに Birth of the Cool(「クールの誕生」)というタイトルで 10インチ/12インチ LP 化された、問答無用で歴史的名盤とされている マイルス・デイビス (Miles Davis Nonet) の 1949-1950年録音。その録音時期からして、オリジナルイシューは 78回転 SP であろうことは想像に難くありません。

Miles Davis Nonet’s 1949-1950 recordings (which later included on 10-inch/12-inch LP album entitled Birth of the Cool) have been sought as one of the historically important masterpices. By the way, as the recorded date may suggest, these materials were firstly made public on 78rpm issues.


1954年には 8曲が 10インチ LP 化 (H-459)、1956年には 11曲が 12インチ LP 化 (T-792) されましたが、この一連のセッションで収録された12曲すべてが LP 化されたのは 1972年のこと (Capitol M-11026 “The Complete Birth of the Cool”)。それまでは、SP でしかリリースされてない曲があったり、LP でしか出ていない曲があったりしました。

In 1954, 8 out of 12 tracks made available on 10-inch LP (H-459), followed by T-792, 12-inch LP issue (which has 11 out of 12 tracks) out in 1956. Later in 1972, all 12 tracks from these sessions finally was made available on 12-inch LP (Capitol M-11026 “The Complete Birth of the Cool”). Until then, some of them were available only on 78rpms, while some others were available only on LP.


Miles Davis (tp),
Kai Winding (tb), Junior Collins (frh), Bill Barber (tu),
Lee Konitz (as), Gerry Mulligan (bs, arr),
Al Haig (p), Joe Schulman (b), Max Roach (ds),
John Lewis (arr).
                                         Recorded in NYC on January 21, 1949.

3395-3E      Jeru                    Capitol 57-60005; H-459; T-792; M-11026
3396-3D      Move                    Capitol 15404;           T-792; M-11026
3397-2E      Godchild                Capitol 57-60005; H-459; T-792; M-11026
3398-1D      Hallucinations {==Budo} Capitol 15404;           T-792; M-11026

Miles Davis (tp),
J.J. Johnson (tb), Sandy Siegelstein (frh), Bill Barber (tu),
Lee Konitz (as), Gerry Mulligan (bs, arr),
John Lewis (p), Nelson Boyd (b), Kenny Clarke (ds),
John Carisi (arr), Gil Evans (arr).
                                           Recorded in NYC on April 22, 1949.

3764-D7      Venus de Milo           Capitol 1221;     H-459; T-792; M-11026
3765         Rouge                                     H-459; T-792; M-11026
3766-2E      Boplicity               Capitol 57-60011;        T-792; M-11026
3767-2E      Israel                  Capitol 57-60011; H-459; T-792; M-11026

Miles Davis (tp),
J.J. Johnson (tb), Gunther Schuller (frh), Bill Barber (tu),
Lee Konitz (as), Gerry Mulligan (bs),
John Lewis (p), Al McKibbon (b), Max Roach (ds),
Kenny Pancho Hagood (vo on 4349 only).
                                        Recorded in NYC on March 9, 1950.

4346         Deception               Capitol       H-459; T-792; M-11026
4347         Rocker                  Capitol       H-459; T-792; M-11026
4348         Moon Dreams             Capitol       H-459; T-792; M-11026
4349         Darn That Dream         Capitol 1221;               M-11026

以下に掲載した写真が、最初にリリースされた SP 盤 4枚 (8曲) ですが、この頃の Capitol の SP 盤は、ナンバリング規則がめまぐるしく変更される時期にあたり、レーベルデザインやカタログ番号 (先頭の 57- や 7- の有無) などにいくつかバリエーションが存在します。

Following pictures are facsimile of the four 78rpm issues (8 tracks in total) which became the first issues of the “Birth of the Cool” materials. In the era (1949-1950), Capitol was in the middle of reconstructing series number schemes, and several label design variations as well as catalogue number variations (with or without 57-/7- prefixes) known to exist.


[57-60005 Side-A]    [57-60005 Side-B]

Jeru c/w Godchild / Miles Davis and his Orchestra
(Capitol 57-60005)
[60011 Side-A]    [60011 Side-B]

Boplicity c/w Israel / Miles Davis and his Orchestra
(Capitol 60011)
[15404 Side-A]    [15404 Side-B]

Move c/w Budo / Miles Davis and his Orchestra
(Capitol 15404)
[7-1221 Side-A]    [7-1221 Side-B]

Venus de Milo c/w Darn That Dream / Miles Davis and his Orchestra
(Capitol 7-1221)


なお、リマスターされて2000年に発売された CD では、SP カッティング時のマスターが再発見され、それを(なぜか)Rudy Van Gelder がリマスターしたとのことで、過去の CD 再発とは比べ物にならない音質でこの名盤を楽しめます。

Newly remastered CD issue in 2000 is an extraordinary release – remastered from the original master tapes for 78 rpm issues, remastered (somehow) by Rudy Van Gelder. Probably the best-sounding “Birth Of The Cool” out there.


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