Waiting For The Sirens’ Call / New Order

リリースから半年以上経ってから買うのもどうかと思いますが、たまたま渋谷のレコファンで 500円引きで売ってたので捕獲。New Order が今年出した新譜の LP バージョン (2枚組) です。

The other day I happened to buy this album at the RECOFAN shop, Shibuya, Tokyo (it was sold at a reduced price). As you may know, this is the LP version (double LP set with gatefold cover) of New Order‘s brand new album in 2005, although it was firstly released over six months ago.

[London 25646-2202-1 Front Cover]      [London 25646-2202-1 Disc 1 Side-A]
左:ジャケ表  右:LP 1枚目のレーベル A面
L: Front Cover;     R: A-side label of Disc 1

Waiting For The Sirens’ Call / New Order
(London [UK] 25646 2202-1)

… 正直いって、このアルバムはイマイチでした。New Order らしいサウンド、演奏、ピコピコがちりばめられてはいるものの、収録曲全体から醸し出される良さがかなり希薄。シングルカットの B-1 “Krafty” がさすがにいい感じでキャッチーな佳曲ですが、John Leckie 絡みのもう1曲 C-1 “Dracula’s Castle” も特に惹かれることなく流れ去っていってしまいます。D-3 “Working Overtime” のイントロで一瞬「おっ!」となったものの、その後がやや凡庸。全体的な印象として、BGM 的に流れている分には気持ちいいんだけど、どうも「をっ、またやってくれとるな!」みたいな瞬間は一度も訪れず。

… my honest impression of this album is, it’s not the greatest New Order. Actually this album contains various tracks which were reminiscent of past New Order tunes, but this album also lacks totality of chemistry and atmosphere. B-1 “Krafty” (which was released as a single) is still a nice track with catchy melodies. On the other hand, another John Leckie-produced/mixed track C-1 “Dracula’s Castle” unfortunately lacks any charms. First 10 seconds of D-3 “Working Overtime” caught my curiosity, but the rest part is too ordinary. Overall, this album is a very nice one as a background music, but it doesn’t have any thrilling moments at all against my expectation.

ま、「New Order 健在」というだけでよしとしなければいけないんでしょうね。今更新しいことを求めてもどうしようもないでしょうし。ただ、今後こんな感じで「懐メロオルタナ」化してしまわないかは心配です。

Of course, we fans musc thank this album which shows New Order still being alive and active – it may not be a good idea that we expect “new things” to New Order. However, there is one thing to fear, if they stop any creativities and keep doing good-old Alternative songs (I hope they won’t!).

A-1 Who’s Joe? (produced by New Order and Jim Spencer)
A-2 Hey Now What You Doing (produced by New Order and Stephen Street)
A-3 Waiting For The Sirens’ Call (produced by New Order and Jim Spencer)

B-1 Krafty (produced by New Order and John Leckie)
B-2 I Told You So (produced by New Order and Jim Spencer)
B-3 Morning Night And Day (produced by New Order and Stephen Street)

C-1 Dracula’s Castle (produced by John Leckie and New Order)
C-2 Jetstream (produced by Stuart Price and New Order)

D-1 Guilt Is A Useless Emotion (produced by Stuart Price and New Order)
D-2 Turn (produced by New Order and Stephen Street)
D-3 Working Overtime (produced by New Order and Stephen Street)

All tracks written by New Order.
Keyboards & additional programming by Mac Quayle.
Additional Engineering by Bruno Ellingham.
Assisted by Tom Stanley, Paul Grady, Claire Lewis, Marco Migliari, Rob Haggett, Phil Rose & Owen Skinner.

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