ELENCO Discography (original LPs)

[ELENCO] Bossa Nova 誕生を鮮やかに告げたとされる Joao Gilbelto (ジョアン・ジルベルト) の 1959年リリース LP “Chega De Saudade” でプロデューサを務めた Aloysio De Oliveira (アロイージオ・ヂ・オリヴェイラ) がオデオンやフィリップスを離れて作ったレーベル、 そして全身全霊を傾けてプロデュースした珠玉の作品群が未だに高い評価を受けているレーベル、 ELENCO

The famous and highly-acclaimed ELENCO label – produced by the legendary Aloysio De Oliveira. He devotedly produced a number of fine Bossa Nova albums after he left Odeon and Philips. He was also known as a producer of legendary 1959 album “Chega De Saudade” (performed by Joao Gilbelto), which was a very start of Bossa Nova’s public release.

私がここ暫くこのレーベル蒐集にハマっていまして、整理の意味も兼ねて、アルバムリストを掲載します。また、各 LP のページ (より詳しいデータやジャケット写真など) のページも順次作成していく予定です。

Recently I’ve been into collecting Elenco LPs, and that’s why I started to put here a list of all Elenco LPs. Also, I think I will put pages dedicated to each Elenco LPs (including detailed information and scanned images) in the near future.

注意: Aloysio De Oliveira がプロデュースを退いて以降の作品 (ME-48〜ME-64)、 ステレオ盤 (SE-1001〜SE-1011 およびそれ以降)、 コンパクト盤 (CE1〜CE65,CED6〜CED13) は,またの機会に . . .

Note: ex-Aloysio De Oliveira albums (ME-48 thru ME-64), stereo albums (SE-1001 thru SE-1011 and on), 7-inch EP (CE1 thru CE65, CED6 thru CED13) are not covered on this list (I hope I will some time) . . .

have original pressings
2nd プレス以降を所有
have 2nd (or later) pressings
[have] ME-1 Vinicius & Odette Lara Vinicius De Morais & Odette Lara
[have] ME-2 Balançamba Lúcio Alves
[have] ME-3 A Bossa Nova De Roberto Menescal E Seu Conjunto Roberto Menescal
[have] ME-4 Baden Powell Swings With Jimmy Pratt Baden Powell
[have] ME-5 Bossa, Balanço, Balada Sylvia Telles
[have] ME-6 Première – Elenco V.A.
[have] ME-7 Um Senhor Talento Sergio Ricardo
[have] ME-8 Maysa Maysa
[have] ME-9 Antônio Carlos Jobim Antônio Carlos Jobim
[have] ME-10 Nara Nara Leão
[have] ME-11 À Vontage Baden Powell
[have] ME-12 Um Show De Bossa Lennie Dale
[have] ME-13 Bossa Session Sylvia Telles, Lúcio Alves & Roberto Menescal
[have] ME-14 Nova Bossa Nova De Roberto Menescal Roberto Menescal
[have] ME-15 Dick Farney Dick Farney
[have] ME-16 Apresentando Rosinha De Valença Rosinha De Valença
[have] ME-17 Caymmi Visita Tom Dorival Caymmi & Antônio Carlos Jobim
[have] ME-18 Rio, Capital De Bossa Nova V.A.
[have] ME-19 A Música De Edu Lobo Por Edu Lobo Edu Lobo & Tamba Trio
[have] ME-20 Rio De 400 Janeiros V.A.
  MEV-1 Chris Connor At The Village Gate Chris Connor
  MEV-2 Bossa Nova York Sérgio Mendes
  MEV-3 Jazz Series Cannonball Adderley
[have] ME-21 Lennie Dale E O Sambalanço Trio Lennie Dale E O Sambalanço Trio
  ME-22 Ao Meu Rio Mário Reis
[have] ME-23 Vinicius E Caymmi No Zum Zum Vinicius De Morais, Dorival Caymmi, Quarteto Em Cy
[have] ME-24 De Vinicius E Baden Especialmente Para Ciro Monteiro Ciro Monteiro
  ME-25 Nana Nana Caymmi
[have] MEV-4 The Astrud Gilberto Album with Antonio Carlos Jobim Astrud Gilberto
[have] MEV-5 The Music of Mr Jobim Sylvia Telles
[have] MEV-6 Com Nelson Riddle E Sua Orquestra Antonio Carlos Jobim
  MEV-7 Jazz Series Dizzy Gillespie & Gil Fuller
[have] MEV-8 Bud Shank, Donato, Rosinha De Valença Bud Shank, Donato, Rosinha De Valença
  ME-26 Agostinho dos Santos Agostinho dos Santos
[have] ME-27 Piano Orquestra Gaya Dick Farney
  ME-28 Julio Cesar De William Shakespeare Carlos Lacerda
[have] ME-29 Músicas De Billy Blanco Na Voz Do Próprio Billy Blanco
[have] ME-30 Ao Vivo No Teatro Santa Rosa Baden Powell
[have] ME-31 Reencontro Sylvia Telles, Edu Lobo, Trio Tamba, Quinteto Villa-Lobos
[have] ME-32 MPB4 MPB4
[have] ME-33 Cy Quarteto Em Cy
[have] ME-34 No Zum Zum Sergio Pôrto, Aracy De Almeida, Billy Blanco
  ME-35 Samba È Aracy De Almeida Aracy De Almeida
[have] MEV-9 Surf Board Roberto Menescal
[have] MEV-10 Tom Jobim Apresenta… (Love Strings and Jobim) Tom Jobim
  MEV-11 It Might As Well Be Spring (The Face I Love) Sylvia Telles
  ME-36 A 3a Dimensão De Lennie Dale Lennie Dale E Trio 3D
[have] ME-37 Edu & Bethania Edu & Bethania
  ME-38 Contrastes Odette Lara
  ME-39 Grande Parada 1 V.A.
  ME-40 Grande Parada 2 V.A.
  ME-41 De Marré De Cy Quarteto Em Cy
[have] ME-42 Tamba Trio Tamba Trio
[have] ME-43 MPB4 MPB4
[have] ME-44 Manifesto Musical Grupo Manifesto
[have] ME-45 Sidney Miller Sidney Miller
  ME-46 O Melhor Do Samba Mario Reis, Aracy De Almeida, Ciro Monteiro, Billy Blanco
[have] MEV-12 Antônio Carlos Jobim & Sérgio Mendes Antônio Carlos Jobim & Sérgio Mendes
[have] SRD-M1/10 Máximo Da Bossa (10LP box, mono) V.A.
  SRD-S1/10 Máximo Da Bossa (10LP box, stereo) V.A.
[have] ME-47 Em Cy Maior Quarteto Em Cy

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks, I´ve been looking for a complete discography of the LPs for a while and it was hard to find them. It´s be great if we could find more information on the singles too.
    Keep in touch!

  2. thank you very much.. however it seems that there is one edition missing (ME-53). i couldn’t find it on discogs or anywhere else. do yo have any idea what it is? thanks once again

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