Can you still hear 18kHz?


I have been wondering about that. It’s about audio in a different point of view.


I mean, does all people listen to the very same sound, even though the listener’s audibility (in sound frequency) is different each other?

以前から携帯電話の呼出音として使うとどうよ? ってな感じで一部で話題になっていた Mosquito Ring Tone。幸い、私はまだ 18kHz も聞こえましたが、さすがに 2〜3回聞いただけで、耳鳴りがするというか、耳が疲れてしまいます。さて、皆さんはどこまで聞こえますか?

The famous Mosquito Ring Tone, which is inaudible for most adults, has been used among teenagers as a ring tone for mobile phones. Luckily I can still hear 18kHz sine wave (at least now), but after listening to it several times, my ears do complain that they are very tired and I feel bad… Anyway, can you still hear all high-frequency tones?

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