R.I.P., Ms. Anita O’Day

仕事の忙しい合間に、Mercury / Clef / Verve 時代「以前」の Krupa / Kenton 時代、Signature レーベルなどでのソロデビュー時代について、記事を準備していたところでした (最近はこの辺りの Anita がお気に入りで良く聴いていたんです) が、間に合いませんでした。合掌。

Although I had been so busy for my own job, I sometimes wrote an article dedicated to Anita O’Day in her early years, including Krupa/Kenton days, as well as her first solo recordings such on Signature label (recently I love to listen to her early years, actually). But it was late – her passaway came first. Rest In Peace, lady Anita . . .

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