Max Roach Dies at 83

What a sad news – all I can say right now is, please, please, Rest In Piece, Mr. Max Roach, a true innovator of rhythms and percussions . . .

[Max Roach and Bud Powell]

Max Roach and Bud Powell in 1949?
(taken from the back cover of Mercury MG-35012 / MG C-102 / MG C-502 “Piano Solos”)

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      Last night I picked up two LP albums by Max Roach and put ’em on my turntable to pray R.I.P. Both albums recorded in the 1970s, both released only in Japan, both not so popular as Roach’s other masterpieces, and both not his best albums ever. But they have given me very interesting insights
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    言うまでもなく、ジャズドラムの可能性を極限まで引き出し、新たな世界を確立することに成功した巨人 Max Roach。戦後ジャズ史に燦然と輝く多数の名演奏を残した Brown=Roach Quintet 時代や、1960年代のアメリカという時代を反映した諸作に勢い評価が傾きがちですが、1970年代以降の作品にも注目すべき作品は少なくありません。 The Jazz Giant Max Roach was, of course, one of the most important Jazz drummers who explored the possibilities of drumming. His greatest works include legendary Brown=Roach Quintet, and his numerous works in…
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  1. 瀬谷さんありがとうございます。
    きっと SP を掲載されると思っていました (笑)
    最後の SP がどれになるのかも楽しみにしておきます . . . .

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