Trinkle Tinkle / Thelonious Monk

My little baby, I know you still don’t even understand what the hell the music is on this 78rpm right here by your side, but maybe someday you will surely come to know “the genius of modern music” . . . .

[Trinkle Tinkle, My Little Baby]

Anyway here is the latest 78rpm I obtained the other day – this is one of the three 78rpms I got (others include Zoot Sims on Prestige and Stan Getz on Mercury). For me, this is the first 78rpm of Thelonious Monk as a leader.

[Prestige 838 Side-A] [Prestige 838 Side-B]

Trinkle Tinkle c/w These Foolish Things / Thelonious Monk
(Prestige 838)

At least in my own opinion, Monk’s best partner as a drummer was Art Blakey – unlike the performances as a leader of the Jazz Messengers, Blakey plays so delicate, pulsive, serious and “silently energic” with Monk’s piano – it’s amazing that they can do the perfect interactions and (not only melodic but) rhythmic conversations all through the performance. My best favourite performance by Monk and Blakey is definitely “Work” with Percy Heath (recorded on Sep. 22, 1954, appeared on PRLP-189 and PRLP-7075) – just listen to the masterpiece brush works by Blakey throughout!


But Max Roach can do another kind of interactions with Monk – his steady drums always sings and sounds melodious, and he presents rock solid backgrounds which makes the unique harmony of Monk’s music so distinctive and clear.


Trinkle Tinkle” on this 78rpm, as the title itself suggests, is a showcase of Thelonious Monk’s colourful arabesque of main theme presentations, being backed by steady and rhythmic harmony by Max Roach. I still love “Little Rootie Tootie” with Art Blakey far better, but anyway this “Trinkle Tinkle” is one of my favourite Monk tunes and his performances. Other than that, the title “Trinkle Tinkle” itself sounds very pretty (good title for baby’s music) and so does the melody – don’t you think so?


I wonder (and I hope), if this tune would be a favourite theme of my little baby someday in the near future when she gradually realises every sound she can hear with her little ears and with her little mind . . . I know that’s a stupid hope anyway.



Side-A: Trinkle Tinkle
Side-B: These Foolish Things

Thelonious Monk (p), Gary Mapp (b), Max Roach (ds).
Recorded in New York City on December 18, 1952.


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6 thoughts on “Trinkle Tinkle / Thelonious Monk

  1. 一瞬プレスティッジのトランスクリプションかと思いました。

  2. > プレスティッジのトランスクリプション
    > 将来
    最低でも Monk と Zappa は仕込むつもりですが (笑)
    時期的にはまだ Crepuscule with Nellie とかの方がいいのかもしれません。
    あ、そういえば、この Prestige 838 の Trinkle Tinkle の面、
    しかし、この 838 も、一緒に届いた 852 も、やはりプロモ盤でした。

  3. >なんてあるんですか?!
    ないです。タバコの箱だとSP の大きさが分かるのですが、little baby だったのでSP がやけに大きく見えただけです。
    >最低でも Monk と Zappa は仕込むつもりですが (笑)
    >しかし、この 838 も、一緒に届いた 852 も、やはりプロモ盤でした。
    話は変わりますが、little baby は大きな音でSP をかけていても目を覚まさないんですね。気持ちよさそうに眠り続けます。SP会で実証済みです。

  4. > 大きな音でSP をかけていても目を覚まさないんですね。気持ちよさそうに眠り続けます
    先程まで、SP やら LP やらいろいろ聴かせてみました。
    特に反応が良かったのが Sarah Vaughan の Stardust と Itzhak Perlman の VIVALDI: Four Seasons でした。
    この Monk の Trinkle Tinkle は、まだまだ先になりそうです。

  5. いっつも同じ方向ばかり向いて寝ているみたいで、
    頭の形は左右非対称にへしゃげているみたいです (笑)
    ま、これからどんどん成長していって落ち着いてくるんでしょうが . . .

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