On August 18, I drove east to Tsukuba City in Ibaraki, to visit my mentor/guru/master of Jazz 78rpm records, Tohru Seya-san – he’s been probably one of the greatest, generous and openhearted collector – also he’s been one of the most dilligent researcher of pre-bop Jazz.

もうひと月以上前になりますが、ジャズSPレコードの大先輩というか師匠というか尊師というか、つくばにあるその方のお宅に伺いました。数千枚以上もある膨大なSPコレクターにして戦前ジャズの熱心な研究で知られる 瀬谷徹 さんです。


We had a great time, discussing about old Jazz, listening to great Jazz sounds with his amazing audio equipment – an old tube amp, RCA professional 16-inch turntable, Jensen field speaker from 1930s and more – (believe me he’s not that snobbish, but he’s just a dilligent music enthusiast) – the first one we enjoyed was this record – 16-inch US Navy Transcription 33rpm record, featuring June Christy, Shelly Manne etc. Other 78rpms we enjoyed so much today includes Django Reinhardt, The Spirits Of Rhythm, Chick Webb, Coleman Hawkins, Billie Holiday, Meade Lux Lewis and many more that I was like in heaven…


[RCA 16-inch professional turntable w/ Gray tonearm]

(at Seya-san’s house, RCA 16-inch turntable spinning 16-inch transcription disc)

See the details of his awesome equipment specialized for 78 rpm playback!

瀬谷さんの、SP盤再生に特化した垂涎の再生システムの詳細は こちら をご覧下さい。

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