Pascal Pinon’s 2nd Album due for release 2013


Their long-awaited second album has finally been announced for release February 2013.

Twosomeoness / Pascal Pinon

Twosomeness / Pascal Pinon (MORR [G] MM 121 CD) (CD, Vinyl, MP3) | (CD, Vinyl, MP3)




If you ever listen to the samples from the forthcoming album, you will notice kinds of their changes and progress in the way they compose and the way they arrange the songs. Some may prefer the progress, and some may not like the “shift”.


ファーストアルバム「Pascal Pinon」(拙サイト上の過去記事はこちら)同様、CD、LP の物理メディアの他、当然ながらダウンロード販売も行われます。私は今回も LP を買う予定です(今回もダウンロード権が付属しているといいんですが)。

Like their first album “Pascal Pinon” (see my past entry, although written only in Japanese), the new album will be released in physical format (CD and vinyl LP) as well as downloadable contents. I think I will buy the vinyl edition like I did with their first album (will “download ticket” be included in the vinyl as well? I hope so…)

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