Stop The Clocks – The Best Of Oasis

かたや 5,000円台、かたや 2,000円台。どちらも同じ 3枚組 LP ボックスの新譜。当然後者を購入しました。

The very same 3LP box set as new products – one sold at around 5,000 YEN, while the other at around 2,000 YEN. I bought the cheaper edition, of course.

[869 700 754-1 Front Cover]

Stop The Clocks – The Best Of Oasis
(Helter Skelter 869 700 754-1)

詳しくは知らないのですが、要するにイギリス盤 (Big Brother レーベル) とヨーロッパ盤 (Helter Skelter レーベル) の違い、ということらしいです。別に Oasis のコレクターでもなんでもない私は、CD じゃなくて LP で聴ければいいや、と思っているだけなので、安い方を買ったのでした。

I don’t know much about the difference between two editions, but as far as I know, the UK edition (from Big Brother label) costs much more, while the EU edition (from Helter Skelter label) is sold at cheaper price. I am not an enthusiast for Oasis and not a Oasis collector at all – I just wanted a vinyl version rather than a CD version, that’s why I bought cheaper EU vinyl edition.

そもそも Oasis のアルバムは過去に一枚たりとも買ったことがありませんでした。別に買わなくても、友人が持っていて聴く機会は多かったし、TV や FM ラジオや有線放送でイヤという程耳にしていたわけで。今回も「へぇベスト盤が LP でも出てるのか、安いし買っておくかな」くらいの軽いノリでした。

To tell the truth, I have never bought Oasis albums in the past – my friend had many and I had many chances to listen to their music. Also, Oasis was frequently broadcasted on TV, FM radio, or wired radio system at bars and restaurants, and I didn’t need to buy copies of my own. This time, I just found and just thought like “ . . . wow, Oasis’ best album also available on vinyl – hmmmm it’s cheaper than my expectation, okay I’ll buy one . . . ”


Well, I listened to this vinyl edition through, and I enjoyed sweet memories of this tune, that tune, and songs to follow.


Then I put the 3LP box into an LP stocker. The night went like that. I am just wondering, how many more times I pick up the LP box again and put the LP on a turntable . . .

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