Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Things I learned on Phono EQ curves, Pt. 3

Pt.0 (はじめに)」、「Pt.1 (定速度と定振幅、電気録音黎明期)」、そして「Pt.2 (世界初の電気録音、Brunswick Light-ray、ラジオ業界の脅威)」の続きです。

This article is a sequel to “Things I learned on Phono EQ curves, Pt.0”, “Pt.1” and “Pt.2”.

前回 は、電気録音黎明期のあれこれについて調べました。今回は、その後発展していく電気録音について引き続き調べていきます。

On the previous part, I studied on more of the history of Electrical Recording in its very early years, along with several digressions… This time, I am going to continue learning the evolution of the electrical recording.

American Epic; Recording The {Twenties, Thirties} Read More / 続きを読む