Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

That’s A Plenty! (Part 2)

娘が生まれて初めて「That’s A Plenty」を聴いてからはや3ヶ月。未だにこの楽曲に飽きる気配はみせません。クルマで移動中は、かならず That’s A Plenty プレイリストの再生をせがみますし、最近購入したディジタルピアノでも That’s A Plenty の Aメロ Bメロを嬉々として弾き、自転車でお散歩中も鼻歌でメロディを歌う毎日です。

It’s been three months since my daughter knew that old standard tune “That’s A Plenty”, and she never lost interest to this song: she always ask me to play the playlist (on my iPhone) containing various versions of “That’s A Plenty”; she loves to play A melody and B melody of that tune with her new digital piano; she still hums the tune while she rides on her bicycle outside.

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