A Letter from my dear friend

現在 Eddie Landsberg さんはレコーディングの為に一時帰国中です.その Eddie ちゃんからメールが届きました.

Mr. Eddie Landsberg, a very good friend of mine, is now staying in his homeland U.S.A. to record his brand new album. And just now I received an e-mail from Eddie-chan.


Eddie ちゃんの web にもまだ仔細は書かれていないので私も控えますが,素晴らしいセッションとなったとのこと.日曜日に最終ミックスが完了する予定だとか.早く聴いてみたいです.また,その他に,同じスタジオ,同じメンバーにて,教則用 DVD の収録もされたとのこと.

I am not mentioning the details on the session he let me know, ’cause Eddie-chan haven’t make ’em public on his web site either. Anyway, he said the session “went BEYOND expectation” (Wow!) He also said mixing/mastering wasn’t until next Sunday. I’d like to listen to the new CD too soon… Furthermore he filmed a DVD instructional/documentary which had lots of footage from the studio.

[Eddie & his accompanied musicians]
(Eddie & his accompanied musicians on that session)


I sincerely hope that he did not go too fast even when playing a slow ballad, like he always do in Japan 🙂



Stay tuned for his next news!!

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