Bronze knife-edge bearing for SME 3009/3010/3012


Just for my note/reminder.

初代 3009/3012 及び Series II は金属性のナイフエッジベアリングでしたが,Series II Imp 以降は一貫してナイロンナイフエッジなので,この様な 3rd party 製が存在する,と.

The very early models of 3009/3012 as well as Series II came with steel knife-edge bearings, while Series II Imp (and all later models) with nylon knife-edge. That may be why such third-party products exist and sell well.

Knife Edge 交換 (1)」に続く…

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4 thoughts on “Bronze knife-edge bearing for SME 3009/3010/3012

  1. Hello,
    I´m Robert Graetke, the developer of the SME Tweaks from Analog Tube Audio. I aggree with shaolin, the bronze knidge bearing is in first designed for the modern tonearms with nylon bearing. But also the old tonearms like the SME 3012 S2 sounds with more performance in the high and middle frequencies, but it´s the sound is unbalanced. The tonearms has to much performance in the middle and high frequencies. For that problem I designed the Bronze ground plate, the bronze ground plate add the control, dynamic, a more powerfull bass and a larger more natural soundstage.
    The bronze knife edge bearing is only the half step for the full performance of a SME 3009 or 3012 tonearm.

  2. Hi Robert-san, nice to hear from you again.
    I have bought the bronze knife-edge and bronze ground plate directly from you about two years ago – do you remember? 🙂
    I really enjoy the significant sound improvements by the bronze knife-edge with 3009R. Unfortunately, due to a nature of my turntable (Michell Gyrodec, whose main chasis is hanged with suspended springs), I gave up using bronze ground plate.
    Anyway I think I will use the bronze ground plate with other (rigid) turntables someday in the future.

  3. Dear Shaolin-San,
    yes, I remember. The weight of the bronze groundplate is 250 gramms, it is not perfect match with turntables with sub chassis. I can recommend you a Garrard 301 or 401. These turntables are really impressed turntables. Very solid and musical.
    Best regards
    Robert Graetke

  4. Hi again Robert-san,
    You’re correct. I think I will go well-maintenanced Garrard 401 in the future, but I don’t think it’s right now – unfortunately there is no space for an extra turntable at home 🙁

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