Seventh And Union / Hank Garland

This classic tune has been one of my daughter’s favourites for quite some time now – probably because the theme melody is so catchy?


Mister Hank Garland, one of my best favourite Country / Jazz guitarlists of all-time, recorded many great tracks as a leader on Decca label in 1949-1951 (and some at Dot label in 1953-1954). All of these recordings are now available on an excellent CD reissue, “Hank Garland & His Sugar Footers” – highly recommended and worth listening to if you haven’t any – great Country tunes with much Jazzy flavour with extraordinary technique!

カントリー・ジャズの分野で大好きなギタリスト、ハンク・ガーランド (Hank Garland) は、1949年から1951年にかけて Decca レーベルにリーダー録音を多数残しました(続く 1953年と1954年には Dot レーベルにもリーダー録音があります)。幸いにもこれらの録音は現在ほぼ全曲が CD「Hank Garland & His Sugar Footers」に収録されています。ジャズ的にも聴き応えのある素晴らしいテクニックで実に心地よいカントリーが次々演奏されます。未聴の方には強くおすすめです。

Five years ago I wrote a long article on Hank Garland, his music and his career – take a look if you are insterested.

5年前、そのハンク・ガーランドの生涯と音楽について本ブログに書いたことがあります。 興味のある方はどうぞ

[Decca 46368 Side-A]      [Decca 46368 Side-B]

Seventh And Union c/w I’m Crying / Hank Garland
(Decca [US] 46368) (78 rpm)

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I’ve been teaching my daughter along with these tunes, which instrument can be heard, how each instrument sounds like, and what rhythm every instrument play. I’m patting on her knees, singing each instrument’s melody line and rhythm, and she’s dancing along with the music – so baby, please don’t dance hard near the turntable!


Owen Bradley (p), Walter 'Hank' 'Sugarfoot' Garland (g, vo),
Loren Otis 'Jack' Shook (rh-g, vo), Harold Ray Bradley (rh-g),
Ernest 'Ernie' Newton (b), Thomas Lee ' Tommy' Jackson, Jr. (fiddle),
Farris Coursey (ds), Dorothy 'Dottie' Dillard (vo on 81447).
Recorded at Castle Studio, Nashville, TN on August 31, 1951.
NA 2470 / 81477    I'm Crying               Decca 46368
NA 2471 / 81478    Seventh And Union        Decca 46368
NA 2472 / 81479    Hillbilly Express        Decca 46382
NA 2473 / 81480    E-String Rag             Decca 46382
Produced by Paul Cohen.
[Decca 46382 Side-A]      [Decca 46382 Side-B]

Hilbilly Express c/w E-String Rag / Hank Garland
(Decca [US] 46382) (78 rpm)

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Most of his Decca recordings are available on the following CD, with two unreleased gems originally recorded for Chic label in 1957 (both magnificient classics of Jazz and Country!).

先述の通り、ハンク・ガーランドの Decca 録音はほぼ全曲が以下の CD に収録されており、更に Chic レーベル用に 1957年に録音された未発表曲2曲が追加収録されています。どちらの楽曲も、ジャズ的にもカントリー的にも珠玉の演奏です。

[Hank Garland And His Sugar Footers]

Hank Garland And His Sugar Footers
(Bear Family [G] BCD-15551)
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