Charlie Haden – Jim Hall (Live From Montreal International Jazz Festival, Canada – 1990)


This album, been longed by the fans of late Jim Hall, is finally out.

Charlie Haden - Jim Hall

Charlie Haden – Jim Hall (Live From Montreal International Jazz Festival, Canada – 1990) (CD, MP3) | (CD)


アナログ盤も同時リリースだったらそちらを買っていたと思いますが、今回は CD のみ、ということで、素直に HDtracks から 24/96 ハイレゾ音源をダウンロード購入しました。物理メディアでないと、っていうこだわりはもはやさほど強くありませんし(アナログレコードは除いて…ははは)、ましてや CD (16/44) より 24/96 の方が安く入手できるんですからね。ライナーノーツがないのは残念ですが。。。

If the vinyl version of this album was out, I would definitely buy it. However this time, only the CD edition is available. So without a hesitation I go for 24/96 hi-res download from HDtracks. I know many Japanese people still cannot abandon their passion for physical media, but I do (except vinyl/shellac records – haha). Furthermore, 24/96 hi-res download costs less than physical CD (containing 16/44 digital data). The only regret is, hi-res download doesn’t contain liner notes…


1990年7月2日、モントリオールジャズフェスでの録音。1990年といえば、ジム・ホール翁にとっても後期円熟期スタートにあたる時期であり。その先陣を切ったと言える1990年6月26日録音の大充実ライブ「Live At Town Hall」(CD Vol.1, Vol.2, MP3)の直後にあたります。期待しない方がおかしいですよね。

Recorded live at Montreal Jazz Festival, on July 2nd, 1990. The year 1990 was when the late great Jim Hall just entered to the ripening stage, recording so many fruitful albums. The first result was recorded one week prior to this duo album – “Live At Town Hall” (CD) – so why not get excited for the Haden-Hall duo album?



And I listend to the album for the first time – a stunning performance especially by Jim Hall who plays so much younger/agressive than his age. Charlie Haden sounds rather conservative (of course it’s actually not – Jim Hall plays so agressive, and as a result Charlie Haden sounds relatively steady, accepting “a player of modest worth”). Mr. Hall and Mr. Haden both were the experts of duo performances, and they each left marvellous duo albums in the past. However, this album stands in a bit different perspective: not a heavyweight interplay, not a collective invention – just simply beautiful album featuring Jim Hall’s guitar backed by maestro Charlie Haden’s bass. Even when Mr. Haden playing his solo, Mr. Hall’s chord backing is awesome.


「ジム・ホール Jim Hall アルバム蒐集」ブログで kawagu さんが書かれている ように、リリースを前提とした録音ではなかったようで、ややブーミーな音質でヒスノイズっぽいものも入っており、音質的に完璧とはいきませんが、それでも演奏の価値が損なわれるものでは全くありません。

As kawagu-san alreay points out, this recording initially was not planned for release. Sound quality is not the finest, with a bit of boomy sound frequency as well as noticeable hiss noise. But the performance by the two maestros surpass them all.

1. Bemsha Swing
2. First Song
3. Turnaround
4. Body And Soul
5. Down From Antigua
6. Skylark
7. Big Blues
8. In The Moment

Jim Hall (g), Charlie Haden (b).

Recorded live at Montreal Jazz Festival, Quebec, Canada
on July 2, 1990.

2009年リリース(なのに今年に入るまで存在を知らなかった 涙)の2000年、同じくモントリオールジャズフェスティバルのライブ録音、テリー・クラーク名義の「It’s About Time」の完成度に比べると、、、というところはありますが、翁の貴重な録音、これからも大事に聴いていきたいです。

Also check out superb album by Terry Clarke “It’s About Time” (recorded in 2000 at Montreal Jazz Fest, released in 2009, I didn’t notice the release of this until early 2014! …it’s a real shame!), featuring much better perofmance by Jim Hall. Anyway I would like to appreciate the greatness and awesome artistry by the late Jim Hall, who is definitely one of the greatest (and most influencial) musicians for me.

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