Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

78rpms Pick-ups: Oct. 31, 2009

土曜日、奇跡的に自宅で一人の時間が少し生じたので、ハカイダーの心配をすることなく (笑) SP 盤を久し振りに聴くことが出来ました。きもちえがったー。

Saturday – I could have a precious time to be alone at home – without ‘the destroyer’ – my two-years-old daughter – so I could enjoy listening to several 78rpm records this afternoon. It was just fun indeed!

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Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

After the ball, after the fascination…

[Fourteen 78rpms arrived yesterday]

この前の日曜日までの二週間は、毎晩 全仏オープン のテレビ観戦に大忙し (おかげで贔屓にしている ラファは無事三連覇達成。めでたしめでたし)。次の ウィンブルドン が始まるまでの二週間、やっと音楽を聴く時間がとれそうです。

Until last Sunday for two weeks, I was very busy watching Roland Garros matches on TV every night – and one of my favourite players Rafael Nadal has won three straight crowns against the best tennis player in the history Roger Federer which was a great news for me. The next big tournament, The Championships (Wimbledon) will start on 25th of June, and until then I think I can have time to enjoy listening vinyls, CDs and 78rpms after many days of absence.

それにあわせるかの様に、海外から SP が到着。今回も一部を除いて 1枚あたり 5ドル程度で購入。玉石混合ですが、しばらくはいろいろ楽しめそうです。

And it’s a good timing that I received a large parcel yesterday night, containing as many as fourteen 78rpms from the US. Each costed only five bucks with a few exceptions. They might be a mixture of the wheat and the chaff, but anyway I think I will enjoy listening to every 78rpm for a while.

Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Ole Tex Kringle / Doye O’Dell

この Intro レーベルって、あのハリウッドの Intro ですよね? Aladdin レーベルの傍系レーベルで、Jazz ファンには Art Pepper の大名盤 “Modern Art” で知られる、あの Intro レーベル。 ところがこのレーベルは本来はカントリー専用レーベルだったんですね。

This Intro label is the same as that Intro label, which was a subsidiary of Aladdin label, and Art Pepper’s legendary “Modern Art” is famous among Jazz listeners. However, the Intro label was originally aimed for Country & Western music…

[Intro 6032 Side-A]    [Intro 6032 Side-B]

Ole Tex Kringle c/w My Little Red Wagon / Doye O’Dell
(Intro 6032)
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