Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Shiny Stockings / Barney Kessel


この前ここで Jim Hall の日本録音ダイレクトカッティング盤 (1976年録音) を紹介しましたが、今度は 1977年の日本録音、同じくダイレクトカッティング盤、Barney Kessel さんの LP です。当時、一体どの位の種類のダイレクトカッティング盤が次から次へと生み出されていったのでしょうか。

A while ago, I wrote an article of dicrect-cutting LP of Jim Hall recorded in Japan (which was recorded in 1976). And here is another example – Barney Kessel’s direct-cutting LP recorded in 1977. I am wondering, how many direcut-cut LPs were produced in the period (late 1970s) in Japan… You may know, Japanese people tends to do what others are doing; they will not likely to do what others are not doing…

[LDC-1004 Front Cover]
Shiny Stockings / Barney Kessel
(LOB Japan LDC-1004)
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