Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Michell Orbe SE, here it comes!

我が家にあるのは、1994年製の GyroDec です。2003年に中古で購入した際 は、SME Series II Improved トーンアームがついていましたっけ。すぐに SME 3009-R に交換してしまいましたが。

My turntable is 1994 GyroDec, which I obtained second-hand in 2003. I remember it was equipped with the SME Series II imp tonearm, that was instantly swapped with the SME 3009-R tonearm.


It’s been twenty years already with this turntable, and I have never thought it time to let that go.

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Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)


[Satchmo Fest 2004]

2004年 7月19日月曜日. 昨年の第二十三回 からはや一年.今年も参加してきました,サッチモ祭. 会場は去年と全く同じ 恵比寿麦酒記念館, 出場メンツも基本的に同一.

Sunday, July 19th, 2004. Just one year has passed since I took part in the 23th annual Satch-Mo Festival last year. And here it comes again. I went to Ebisu Beer Hall to join the 24th Fest – the same place, the same performers out there.

[Ebisu Beer Hall Entrance]

去年におおよそ全演奏を聴いて十二分に堪能したので,今年は Jimmie Smith さんだけに狙いを定めて 16時半頃に会場入り.会場外の喫煙コーナーで,葉巻をくゆらせる Jimmie さんを発見したので,挨拶と昨年の感想を伝えたのち,写真を一緒に撮ってもらいました.

Since I listened to almost all performances last year and I was enough, this year I decided to concentrate on Mr. Jimmie Smith‘s performance. I arrived at the fest about 4:30 PM, and I found Jimmie-san sittin’ and smokin’ a cigar. I stepped forward to him and exchanged greetings, told him about my impressions of his performances last year, then I asked him to take a picture with him. And here’s it:

[Mr. Jimmy Smith and me]
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