Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Jazz Impressions of Japan (無言歌) / Jim Hall

1976年の来日時に、こんな素晴らしい演奏とアルバムを残して下さった ジム・ホール (Jim Hall) トリオに感謝すると同時に、彼らにこのアルバム制作のきっかけを与えた日本という国を、我々はもっと誇りに思うべきでしょう。

We Japanese must deeply thank to the Jim Hall Trio, who left such a great performance on this album (recorded in 1976 during their live tour to Japan). Also, we must be very proud of this country Japan, where Jim Hall had so many impressions which was definitely a fundamental background of this album.

[GXU-1 Front Cover]
Jazz Impressions of Japan (無言歌) / Jim Hall
(A&M Horizon / King Japan GXU-1)
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