Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

My Best 5 Acquisitions in 2005


The year 2005 passed so fast, and here comes the next year 2006 already. I sincerely hope you’ll have another nice year as vinyl/music collectors.

昨年1年間は、コレクターとしてはあまり成果があった年とはいえませんでしたが、またまたいろんな音楽に出会うことができました。振り返って個人的ベスト 5 (プラス、番外編) を列挙してみましょう。

Speaking of myself, the year 2005 was not the best one as a collector, but there are several “great” acquisitions as well as finding a great music. Here is my own “best five” (plus an extra title) …

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Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Guitar Genius In Japan / Kenny Burrell, Attila Zoller, Jim Hall


Everybody may have his/her special album(s) of his/her own – for example, an album which closely link to his/her personal events and memories, an album which gave him/her a huge impact to let him/her get involved into music. And there are some more – such as “an album which was recorded on the same day in the same year when I was born”.

UPS-81-V Front Cover (No Obi)

ジャケ表 / Front Cover

Guitar Genius In Japan
(Overseas/Teichiku UPS-81-V)
UPS-81-V Left Inside the Gatefold Cover

ゲートフォールドジャケ内側の左側 / Left Side inside the Gatefold Cover

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