He’s Funny That Way / Ann Burton

以前ここで紹介した Shiny Stockings / Barney Kessel (LOB Japan LDC-1004, 1977年 5月発売) に続き、1977年 7月にリリースされた LOB レーベルのアルバム。 やはり同じくダイレクトカッティング盤で、2,500枚限定発売です。

This LP by Ann Burton (originally out in July 1977), was a following release of Shiny Stockings / Barney Kessel (LOB Japan LDC-1004, May 1977), which I mentioned on this web a while ago. Like B. Kessel album, this LP is also direct-cutting disc and released in limited numbers (2,500) only.

[LDC-1005 Front Cover] [LDC-1005 Back Cover]
He’s Funny That Way / Ann Burton
(LOB Japan LDC-1005)

アン・バートン (Ann Burton) 44歳、生涯 3度目来日時の録音。 この時の日本録音には他に “Burton For Certain” (邦題「雨の日と日曜日は」) (Trio PAP-9070, CD リイシューは All Art ABCJ-254 など) や、ライブアルバム “Live In Japan” (邦題「宵のひととき (ライブ・イン・ジャパン)」) (All Art ABCJ-268) がありますが、この LOB レーベルの音源は未だ CD 化されていないようです。

Ann Burton at the age of 44 – the year 1977, when she toured Japan for the third time in her entire career. Fortunately she left several recording during her Japan visit other than this LP, including: “Burton For Certain” (Trio PAP-9070, CD reissue available as All Art ABCJ-254) and “Live In Japan” (All Art ABCJ-268). However, this direct-cut session on LOB label has not been reissued on CD yet, as far as I know.

[LDC-1005 Side-A] [LDC-1005 Side-B]

A面はピアノとベースのデュオだけをバックにしっとりと。B面はドラムスを加えてミディアム〜アップテンポに (B-2 はバラードですが)。いかなる編成でも、いかなる楽曲でも、円熟味を示し始めた Burton の歌唱は実に情感一杯で、聴くものの心に染み込んできます。

On Side-A, Ann Burton is accompanied with piano and bass only and sings so mellow and deep, while Side-B adds drums and sings medium to up-tempo numbers (except B-2, which is a slow ballad). Her singing is very emotional as well as soft and tender, no matter what kind of tunes she sings (from slow ballad to swingy track) – being a state of mature art.

録音も実に素晴らしく、レコーディングスタジオの空気をそのまま切り取った様なステレオフォニックな定位が非常に魅力的です。A面と B面でマイクセッティングも変えられてあり、その聴き比べも楽しめます。

Also, this album provides outstanding sound, which precisely delivers the atmosphere of the recording studio, with superb stereophonic presence. Additionally, microphone settings are different between both sides – very interesting to listen to the differences how they sounds each other.

A-1 Exactly Like You
A-2 You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To
A-3 He’s Funny That Way
B-1 Lover Come Back To Me
B-2 Rainy Days And Mondays
B-3 Ain’t Misbehavin’

Ann Burton (vo),
Ken McCarthy (p), Kunimitsu Inaba (b), Tetsujiro Obara (ds on Side-B).
Recorded at Pioneer Studio, Tokyo, Japan on May 14, 1977.

Producer & Director: Keiichiro Ebihara.
Coordinater: Nobunori Hirata.
Recording Engineer: Yoshihisa Morimoto.
Cutting Engineer: Osamu Kasahara.

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