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A Few Facts About EmArcy Label, Pt.2

気がつくと 前回の前編 から5年以上もあいてしまいました。すんません。その後も幾人かの方に「続編をお願い」「本題を早く」とリクエストを受け続け(笑)、年明けから暇を見つけてこつこつ書きため、新たに調べ物を行い、今回やっと本題の中編を書き終わりました。

It’s already been over five years since I posted the first part of the EmArcy article (sorry still available in Japanese only) – sorry for that. Several people have contacted and asked me when would the next part available – this month I managed to have spare time to write it – part 2 of the EmArcy article – including further research on various things. And now it’s finally available public.

エマーシー (EmArcy) レーベルのシングル(16000番台)、10インチLP(26000番台)、12インチLP(36000番台)の オリジナル盤判定基準 について、長々と書いてみました。リリース開始時期の特定 や、新たに判明した プレス工場 の話なども書いています。とりあえず日本語版だけの公開です。こちら からどうぞ。

This part 2 (in Japanese only yet) features the release period of EmArcy titles, as well as checkpoints for identifying original issues of EmArcy 16000 (45/78 rpm), 26000 (10inch LP) and 36000 (12inch LP) series.

次回の後編では、EmArcy と関わりの深い傍系レーベル、ウィング (Wing) の話と、第1次 EmArcy 終焉の1959年以降のお話を書く予定です。

The following part 3 (last part) that I am going to start writing in the near future, will feature stories around the Wing subsidiary label, and the EmArcy brand after it became less active in 1959.

[early EmArcy logo]
Kohji Matsubayashi

Roy DuNann, one of the greatest recording enginners

If you are into Jazz music, especially into the golden age of Modern Jazz, you should know the name of the engineer Roy DuNann, who did so many masterpiece recordings for Capitol and Contemporary in the 1940s, 1950s and thrugh the early 1960s.

ジャズ、特に全盛期のモダンジャズが大好きな方であれば、伝説の録音エンジニア ロイ・デュナン 氏の名前はもちろんご存知だと思います。最初はキャピトルレーベル(〜1956年)で、続いてコンテンポラリーレーベル(1956年〜1960年代前半)で、数えきれない程の名盤とうたわれる素晴らしいレコーディングに携わってこられた方です。

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Clear the fogginess under the lamination!

(本エントリは、私が別の web に 2003年 6月26日付で掲載していたものを転載後加筆訂正したものです)
(this article was originally made public at my another web site on June 26, 2003)


Vinyl addicts/collectors/junkies/whatever sometimes encounter very old vinyl records coming with such album covers like this:


[Before treatment]
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Japan Earthquake Aftermath: Prayers And Brighter Days

Dear fellow readers, music lovers and collectors,

My family and I are safe. We in Tokyo had the earthquake on March 11, 2011, but the situation was NOT critical and serious. As a matter of fact, all of my LPs, 78rpms, CDs, audio component or whatever are intact, fortunately. My daughter and I was at home when the huge earthquake hits Eastern Japan. Only a few things fell onto the floor – a toaster in the kitchen, many books and cardboard boxes in my home working room, some decorating parts of Hinamatsuri dolls in the living room. Anyway we are safe.

I just can’t help sending my prayers to the people in the Tohoku region where the critical earthquake and Tsunami hit, and who have been waiting for help and spending inconvinent days at refuge.

Even in Tokyo, many people here have been facing some difficulties in everyday life since the “3.11” – scheduled blackouts, train service being reduced because of the blackouts, some people rushing to supermarkets and gas stations, various false rumors making people uncertain and anxious, etc., etc… People have been even complaining that many of Japanese TV programs and newspapers don’t provide reliable and appropriate information to us.

But we will never give up. we never forget smile, peace of mind, courage and bravery.

Do you know the famous Japanese song “Sukiyaki” by Kyu Sakamoto? The original title is 上を向いて歩こう (“Ue Wo Muite Arukou”, “I Look Up When I Walk”). We will keep looking up. We will never walk alone.

Friday, March 18, 2011
Kohji “Shaolin” Matsubayashi

Kohji Matsubayashi

Simon Werner a Disparu / Sonic Youth

ディジタルリリースは既に行われていますが、CD および LP はまもなく発売です。サントラでインストなソニック・ユース。とりあえず LP を予約しておきました。わくわく。

The Sonic Youth Sound without vocal tracks – CD edition and Vinyl edition will be released shortly (although the MP3 digital release is available already) – I pre-ordered the vinyl edition, like always 😉

試聴は こちら (midheaven.com) や こちら (amazon.com) からどうぞ。

Listen to samples here: midheaven.com and / or amazon.com

[Simon Werner a Disparu]

Simon Werner a Disparu / Sonic Youth
(Sonic Youth Records SYR-9 / SYR-9CD)

Amazon.co.jp で買う:CD / LP
Buy this at Amazon.com: CD / Vinyl / MP3


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Call For Help: Norgran MGN-1087

Verve MGV-8029 としてリリースされた「Stan Getz ’57」のオリジナルイシューとされる、Norgran MGN-1087Stan Getz ’56」の現物をお持ちの方(あるいは「持っている人を知っている」「見たことある」でも構いません)がいらっしゃいましたら、ぜひわたくしまでご一報下さい。残念ながら私は実物を見たことがありません。

Anyone has an original copy of Norgran MGN-1087 “Stan Getz ’56”? This has been said as the original issue of Verve MGV-8029 “Stan Getz ’57”. Drop me a line if you have that copy (or if you know a person who owns that copy, or even if you have seen that copy). Unfortunately I have never seen the actual copy.

現在 ハリー・ワインガー さんが作業中のスタン・ゲッツの CD ボックスで使用する予定の、ジャケット写真およびレーベル写真を探しているとこのことです。

Currently Mr. Harry Weinger has been looking for the jacket scan and the label scan of the Norgran MGN-1087, as he’s been working on a Stan Getz CD boxset project.


Your help would be greatly appreciated – many thanks in advance.

Kohji Matsubayashi

CD player production ends at Linn

いつかはこういう日が来るとは思っていましたが、ピュアオーディオ系の名門 LINN がアナウンスする、ということに、大きな時代の節目を感じずにはいられません。

Most of us knew that it would happen in the near future – but this announcement by LINN, one of the most acclaimed companies in the pure Hi-Fi audio field, definitely shows us the big turning point in the audio history.

リン・プロダクツは、今年を最後に CD プレーヤの製造・販売から撤退することをアナウンスした最初のメーカとなった。 東レンフルーシャー地方に位置するこのオーディオファイル向けニッチな会社は代わりに、今後はディジタルストリーミング製品に注力していくとのことである。
(… 中略 …)

(quoted from the above news article)
Linn Products has become the first manufacturer to announce it will give up on CDs from the start of next year. Instead, the niche company, based in East Renfrewshire, will focus on producing digital streaming equipment.
(… snip …)
Yet it continues to make turntables for vinyl records, as there remains a demand for the quality of sound compression offered by older record technology.

Kohji Matsubayashi

Universal Studio Blaze Burns Music History


Sad, traggic, depressing news for us old music enthusiasts…


“A fire roared through part of Universal Studios film and TV studio on Sunday, June 1, 2008” (quoted from Reuters.com news article), and there is a new rumor (or confirmation) coming that the fire consumed invaluable/historical metal masters and master tapes back from 1930s-1950s.

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大型連休中に引越を行う関係で、4/30 〜 5/2 頃に本サイトの閲覧ができなくなります。御了承下さい。

I will be moving to another apartment in early May, and this website will be unreachable from 30th of April through 2nd of May. Sorry for the inconvenience.