Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Things I learned on Phono EQ curves, Pt. 6


This article is a sequel to “Things I learned on Phono EQ curves, Pt.0”, “Pt.1”, “Pt.2”, “Pt.3”, “Pt.4” and “Pt.5”.

前回 は、ストコフスキーのエピソードの他、横振動トランスクリプション、RCA/NBC が1939年に発表した Orthacoustic 特性など、あれこれについて調べました。

On the previous part, I studied on the interesting episode of Leopold Stokowski with Bell Telephone Laboratories, lateral transcription discs, RCA/NBC’s Orthacoustic characteristic, etc.


This time, I am going to continue learning the history, including an advent of instantaneous disc (lacquer) recorders, a technical paper that shook the industry, ultra-lightweight reproducing pickups. This article is coming a few steps toward the 1942 NAB standardization (for electrical transcription discs).

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